10 Bucket List Destinations Every Yogi Should Visit

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Do you know a place where asanas, pranas, chakras and dharmas are common features in conversations?

Do you know where you can find people who can tell the difference between Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga? If you don't and you're looking for like-minded friends within the yoga community, keep reading!

From islands, to mountains, Asia to Americas, you will find a getaway, an adventure and a way of life for you. So, live and taste and feel every experience the destinations which make every yogi's life complete. After all, you only live once.

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Bali: In Bali, no one loses their temper; a smile is the most-valued currency. Patience, warmth and simplicity are parts of every Balinese's genetic "zen" make-up. And, to top that, this sense of assured calm is infectious to visitors! The island is a perfect destination for a yogi. Steep in cultural traditions and religious beliefs, Bali brings you back to the quiet essence of life. You can strike a yoga pose on the beaches, the waterfalls, the mountains and meditate in the temples and rice fields to the tune of singing crickets. What more can a yogi ask for?

India: If you have not been to India, be warned that you are in for an experience like none other. If you have been to India, you will be wise to know that nothing you do will arm you against India's charm. Commonly lauded as the birthplace of yoga and Ayurveda, India will assault a yogi's senses with a mixture of culture, colors, traditions and landscapes. Every Indian city, town and village will offer you something new and something distinct. As a yogi, you will find practically every kind of yoga, meditation, ashram, class and teacher training at your disposal.

Thailand: In a country where majority of its population are Buddhists, you can be assured that you will be surrounded by a community who values peace, harmony and detachment to worldly possessions. Unlike other destinations, Thailand will offer you a truly spiritual, stress-free yoga environment and a wholesome retreat. Let’s not forget the legendary Thai massage to ease your weary bones. Of course, there is nothing like exotic flavors in Thai cuisine to entice and excite your taste buds.

Costa Rica: Ever wonder where adrenaline junkies disappear to for their fist-pumping and chest-thumping adventures in the winter months? Costa Rica - the all-year tropical paradise. This is the perfect destination for those who want to mix adventure and the practice of yoga. With its lush rain forests and its long coastline, Costa Rica provides a range of different activities you don't usually associate with a yoga retreat - from surfing to zip-lining to hiking. Over here, nature is your closest friend and "Pura Vida" is the only answer to a "How are you?”

Hawaii: Aloha! Don't think that Hawaii is just all about hula dancers on sandy beaches, blue skies and palm trees, volcanoes and sunsets, pineapples and ukuleles. It rains in Hawaii too but its island way of life does make Hawaii our top 10 destination for a yogi. Hawaii and its people have much to offer in culture and heritage and you will be guaranteed a good story to tell your envious friend when you return. How many can say that they wake up to the rhythm of waves crashing on the shores and practice yoga in a peaceful, natural environment?

Ibiza: You would be lying if you tell me you know someone who does not want to go to Ibiza. Set in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and hosting many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the island is a major tourist attraction, most well known for its party scene and nightlife. It is a wonder how a yoga scene has established itself in a place with so many distractions. Not only are there yoga schools and yoga retreats held here all the time, the yoga business is actually thriving. If you are looking for a balance of nightlife and quiet practice of yoga, look no further. Ibiza is the place to be!

California: The Golden State of America is a melting pot of just about everything - music from The Beach Boys, home to movie stars and Hollywood and generator of entertainment and technology. You may ask what a yogi has to do with a place such as this but California is not just all glitz and glamour. Beyond the facade of wealth and fame, California offers a great opportunity for yogis to unwind and relax in sunshine and laid-back resorts without removing them too far away from the civilized world! In California, yoga is a lifestyle.

Italy: Escape the usual queue at a Starbucks and take in the flavors of Italian coffee after your morning yoga practice. Breathe in the romance which Italy exudes as you deepen your yoga practice in this magical European destination. Fall in love with the country where the world’s first true Renaissance man was born, a country filled to the brim with good art and good wine. Take a stroll through cobblestone roads and enjoy the fine Italian cuisine after your evening practice.

Greece: Feel the glorious history and philosophical spirit of Greece as you traverse through the footsteps of one of man's earliest civilizations. Yoga here is done in the midst of idyllic beaches, rows of olive trees, vineyards and lush forests. The diversity of culture and architecture throughout the country means that yogis will never have to feel bored with the same routine against the same landscape. Bring your family and friends along to Greece; it is a yoga holiday destination for all.

Vietnam: Experience the buzz in the cities as you watch swarms of motorcycles move through the streets of Vietnam like busy bees to their hives at peak traffic hours. Or, settle down into the quiet of Vietnamese village life and ride through canals and rivers on fishing boats. Take in the scenic views of valleys and lime-stone hills. Whatever your interests are, Vietnam will provide. So, just bring your yoga mat, your good spirits and start your personal yoga journey.

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