9 Popular "Facts" that are Actually Myths

We're about to go all Myth Busters on you for the next few minutes because we're pretty sure that everyone has come across these old wives tales at some point or another and it's always good to know fact from fiction:


Sweet as Bubblegum:

If you've ever accidentally swallowed your chewing gum, you can breathe a sigh of relief! Contrary to popular belief, it won't take 7 years to digest, and it will digest normally along with your other food.


Rub My Belly:

The historical Buddha is in fact not meant to be 'chubby' or laughing! It was a tenth century Chinese folk hero by the name of Budai who had these characteristics.


Strikes Twice:

One of the oldest and most common myths about lightening is that it never strikes the same place twice, but all of this is just another lie! For example, lightning strikes the Empire State Building in NY about 100 times per year!


Lucky 8:

Eight glasses of water are actually not needed daily in order to maintain health. The truth is that the amount of hydration varies from person to person, and a lot of the foods we eat daily already carry a high water content. It is important to keep up the H2o though!


Eat, Dive, Survive:

It has been proven that eating up to an hour before jumping into a pool or the ocean does not actually increase your chances of muscle cramps or drowning! It was purely a myth. 158c59ba86f1a5d8def3b2274b65a94f

Monkey Business:

Contrary to popular belief, humans did not evolve from the chimpanzee! They are in fact the human's closest living relatives though.


Red Flag:

Although professional matadors use a red cape to enrage their bull, it is not the color red that makes the animal angry, especially since they are color-blind! The bulls will charge regardless of the color due to the threat posed by the matador.


Space Odd-ity:

While many believe that the Great Wall of China can be seen from Space, the truth is none of the Apollo astronauts reported seeing it from the Moon, OR close to the Earth's surface!


What Horn:

In actual fact, there is no evidence to support that vikings wore horns on their helmets! This notion only developed after the 1876 production of the Der Ring des Nibelungen opera cycle by Richard Wagner!

Have any Urban Legends or myths to bust? Let us know below!

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