10 Signs that Point to Your Social Media Addiction

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Hi5, Myspace, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Klout, FourSquare, pick your poison friends because the list goes on and on and on.

Social Media has become a household term. It's how we communicate, advertise, share, keep in touch, meet new friends, play games, and for some, make a living. And while we can't comment on all virtual communities, our digital yoga tribe has grown and keeps growing, thriving, beating.

How many of you actually know every person on your Facebook friends list? We're betting not many. And that's not to say that you can't make some very real connections online, but when do you cross that very fine line between just enough time online and altogether too much?

Here are ten signs you may be straddling that line like it's your job (or maybe it is):

>>You receive an audible alert on your phone anytime anything happens. When your mobile device chimes, beeps or chirps anytime someone follows, retweets, shares or comments on something - you are actively sabotaging your own ability to concentrate on anything.

>>Your business card says "guru" and you are NOT speaking about spirituality to large groups in India. Bang it out you Social Media Guru you.

>>You use social media terms as verbs. If you have ever said out loud, "I need to instagram that," then this point is about you. The moment you start using social media terms to replace verbs, it's the beginning of the end.

>>You believe there is nothing wrong with spllng wrds without vwls. Sure, there's a 140 character limit, but it doesn't mean we need to commit "grammar gaffes" or unlearn everything we know about spelling, does it?

>>You answer questions with "you should read my blog post about that." That's like when someone asks you what a word means and you tell them to look it up. Unless you're a high school English teacher, just answer the damn question.

>>You check your Klout score, um, ever. I don't think I really need an explanation for this one. >>You are a "mayor" of anything. We all love recognition, but I think deep down if you are disciplined enough to always check into a particular location and do everything that's required to be a "mayor" on Foursquare ... you already know you have a problem.

>>You use the "like" button to make a statement. You don't always have to send flowers, but your friend just had their first baby ... the least you could do is take three seconds and write "congratulations" into a comment.

>>You use social media as a justification for being unreasonable. Yes, there are people who demand a hotel upgrade or a discount because of their blog readership or Klout score. You know who you are.

>>You freaked out for 70 minutes while Twitter went down. Yesterday when Twitter went down, how much of an impact did it have on your life?

So it's pretty safe to say that if you answered yes to at least two (be honest) of these definitely not exaggerated points you may have a problem. The solution? Unplug! Step away from the computer, the phone, the TV, and wherever else you may be hiding your connection to the internet, and take a walk, enjoy the sun on your face, play with your kids, practice, you know...live.

And then come back, because we'd miss you if you were gone for too long.

Big thanks to the Influential Marketing Blog for these tell tale signs...should we start an online support group? Wait...that would be defeating the purpose, right?