10 Steps to Achieve Your Scariest Dreams

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Perhaps we all have a specific yearning inside of us. I'm talking about that feeling that makes us long for something more, or a hunger that drives us to explore the unexplored. Whether it's traveling, finding love, selling a book, or becoming a yoga teacher, those "big scary dreams" can become reality. 

1. Think small, see big.

You might ask, "Wait...isn't the expression think big?" I pose that we must first think small, to then see big. What this means is that the answer lies within. We don't have to search this big world for the answers, the answers are already within us. Take a deep journey into your heart of hearts, discover your truth, and determine your purpose. Once you know your truth, then see big. See all of the possible ways you can channel your energy, network your ideas, and achieve your dreams. Think small, see big.

2. Write it all down.

Don't let an amazing idea, concept, or feeling drift away along with the tens of thousands of thoughts we have in a single day. Write it all down. Every idea, every inspirational glimpse, every moment of creativity. How many times have you thought of something spectacular to then say, "Oh, I'll get to it later..." and then forget? Don't forget your dreams. Don't forget your truth. Write it down.

3. Pinpoint exactly what your purpose is.

Be specific with your dream and stick to your truth even when other opportunities come your way. There are a million amazing, wonderful paths we could travel along in our lifetime. However, to achieve our most adventurous dreams we must pinpoint exactly what our purpose is. We need to get specific and detailed. Discover your truth, know your purpose, and fight for it every single day. If an opportunity arrises ask yourself, "Is this opportunity, this path, this person, etc. in line with my higher purpose and my truth?" Spend some time contemplating the answer. If the answer is yes, great you're one step closer. If the answer is no, find the strength to say, no thank you. 

4. Make a plan and follow that plan one small step at a time, one day at a time, each and every day.

Repetition. Dedication. Motivation. Five minutes, ten minutes, one hour, ten hours...dedicate time each and every day to your plan. No matter how small or big, dedicate time every day to achieve your most adventurous dream. Keep in mind, it's not the time we put into our work that matters, but the work we put into our time. Value your time and value your dream enough to work towards it each and every day.

5. Let go of your fear of failure and the unknown.

Fear will cripple you. It takes seconds to let our thoughts spin out, convince ourselves that we are not good enough, that our dreams are impossible. Do your very best to discard these thoughts, they serve no purpose along your greater path. Failure and the unknown are inevitable, they will happen. Embrace them to the best of your ability and know that they are here to teach you something. Find the lesson within your failures, find the lesson within the unknown. When you feel fear come up, immerse yourself in some deep breathing, yoga, a walk, or go into nature. Do anything to ground you and help you feel present in the moment. Fear cannot live in the present, only in the mind. Love over fear, it always wins.

6. Have trustworthy people in your corner and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Pick your people wisely. You do not have to be friends with everybody. You are allowed to say, no thank you, even to people. I know, crazy thought, but you really don't have to be everyone's best friend. Pick your people wisely, know who you can trust, know who will stay by your side during your successes and failures, true loves and heart breaks, sunshine days and stay in bed days. These are the people you want in your corner. These are the people you can ask for help. The one's that you know love you, as much as you love them.

7. Give. Giving is the gift of receiving.

Give, give, give. Never stop giving. Small or big, you can never go wrong with offering pieces of your heart and soul to others. Maybe it's  a smile, maybe it's your time, maybe it's a donation to your favorite charity, maybe it's offering your skills to your community. There are infinite ways to give and infinite opportunities to do so. Make it a daily goal to give as often as you can. The more you give, the more you will receive.

8. Believe in yourself and believe in your adventurous dream. Have compassion for yourself and for what you're trying to achieve.

When did having confidence turn into "bitchy?" When did self compassion and self love turn into "selfishness?" Personally, if I wasn't beating myself up over a million things at once, I would think the world stopped for a moment. A quiet, confident, loving mind? Never. (Cue sarcasm). My daily work is practicing not being so hard on myself and embracing confidence in my dreams, in my work, in my vision. My daily work consists of honoring self compassion, self confidence, and self love: the three things I am trying so hard to learn that I am worthy of. We are all worthy of love. If you don't believe in yourself and your dreams, they will never come true.

You will become your own worst enemy and you will be defeated before you even truly get started. Don't let this happen. Don't let yourself be the obstacle that stops you from sharing your dream and purpose with the rest of the world. We need your bright, shining light. So let it shine. Let it shine bright for all of us to see, but mostly... for you to see.

9. Surrender to all that is and have faith in something bigger than you. 

Surrender and let go of what cannot be explained or understood, find peace for all that just is. This is one of the hardest lessons in life. Have faith in something bigger than you, a spiritual being, a daily practice, the ocean, the sky, or anything that will give you perspective. We are tiny. Small, tiny, humans amongst a big, huge world. Tiny humans capable of many spectacular things? Yes. Tiny humans capable of knowing all the answers and the timing of everything in life? No. Definitely not.

Surrender. Let go. Offer the unanswered "why" questions and confusing times to something higher and bigger than you. It's not a weakness. It's okay to let go.

10. Do. The. Work. You have to put all of this into action. Thinking will keep you stuck in place, action will send you head first down your path of truth.

How many times have you said, "Okay tomorrow. Okay in an hour. Okay next week." The excuses go on and on and on. How many amazing ideas have you had and used the excuses, "I have too much work. I don't have the time. There's no money."

Dreams have no excuses. When you peel back all of the layers that make up the million and one excuses you can probably think of in an instant, the only real excuse is yourself. So stop holding yourself back, and Do. The. Work. Over and over again, do the work. If you want it bad enough, if your purpose in life is to spread your truth, then stop day dreaming about it and start living it. You can do it. Anything is possible when you stop thinking, and start doing.