108 Strikes Again: Why Yogis Should Care About the Cubs’ World Series Win

Last night the Chicago Cubs clinched the World Series with an 8–7 win in Game 7 over the Cleveland Indians.

Hooray for the Cubs and their many fans! It was a hard-fought victory, with the game stretching into the 10th inning—a real nail-biter. 

But the real reason we were interested in the outcome of this #sports event is the significance of the number 108, a sacred figure in the practice and philosophy of yoga (malas comprise 108 beads, yogis often do 108 Sun Salutations, Hindu mantras are repeated 108 times, etc.; read more about it here).

Perhaps the most obvious connection is that it’s been 108 years since the Cubs won its last World Series, in 1908. But the Cubs’ coincidences with 108 don’t stop there. The Chicago Sun Times published a list in September. Among them: 

  • There are 108 stitches in a baseball, designed by the Cubs first manager and ace pitcher A.G. Spalding, whose Chicago office was originally located at 108 W. Madison Street.
  • The left and right field corners at Wrigley Field — are 108 meters from home plate.
  • The Ricketts family, which owns the Cubs, has located their main business — TD Ameritrade — on 108th street in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • The number 108 is a sacred number in yoga. and Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta does yoga 6 days a week.
  • Cubs win the World Series in the 1990 J.J. Abrams film “Taking Care of Business,” which is 108 minutes long.
  • Cubs win the World Series in the 1989 film “Back To The Future Part II,” which is 108 minutes long.

And that’s not all. Check out the full list on chicago.suntimes.com

Pretty cool, huh? 

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