What's the Big Deal With 11/11? Ask Numerology

Ever wonder why your favorite "Stranger Things" character is such a badass? Just ask numerology.

November 11th marks one of our favorite forms of synchronicity, or 11/11. So why is this number combination so special?

Number sequences often jump out at us, and they tend to represent different things for different people. Perhaps the most popular is 11/11. We pause whenever we see it on clocks, license plates, receipts, and calendars. As children, we made wishes. (Heck, I still make them as a 26-year-old.)

Numerology states that 11/11 possesses many powers, including qualities of spirituality, honesty, sensitivity, honesty, intuition, idealism, and patience. On its own, 11 is considered one of the three Master numbers, which means it can not be reduced and does not have a specific set of attributes setting it apart from other numbers. Many of the most advanced numerologists get excited when dealing with Master numbers, as they represent the extraordinary. To see two 11s right next to one another provides an extra dose of mystery.

Getting even deeper into the practice, we can see that 11 (a double 1), possesses the traits of the 1 twice. When adding the single digits, as one does in numerology, 11 becomes a two. (Or, 11 = 1+1 = 2). The most powerful male energy, 1, and the most powerful female, energy, 2, are then combined. And, considering that they are on opposite ends of the spectrum, the sum of their combined attributes creates a being with the traditional aggressive masculine qualities with the intuitive and empathetic nature of the traditional female. 11 symbolizes the potential to push past the limits of the human experience and combine the strongest of all spiritual forces. It creates the connection between female and male, dark and light, mortal and immortal, and body and spirit.

The significance of 11/11 is also found in belief systems outside of numerology. Whether or not you believe in magic, 11/11, for a brief moment, pulls us out of earthly distractions and allows us to focus on the universe. We may focus on our intentions, or any internal dialogue that may going in between our hearts and minds. Perhaps 11/11, or 11:11, provides a moment for you to reflect on what your intuition might want. 

For instance, maybe you’re struggling to write your first book. You’ve always wanted to write that book, you have a story, and yet you’re swarmed with your day job, bills, and staying fit, and so your “soul goals” are placed on the backburner. 11/11 represents synchronicity, or the idea that two significantly related events randomly happen simultaneously. Or, opportunities start to “magically” appear. 

Take a moment to open your eyes and see if there are any of these opportunities presenting themselves to you. Maybe one of your Facebook friends has recently found a publisher. Maybe there’s a sign in the coffeeshop advertising a writer’s group.You won’t know unless you consciously place your goals at the forefront of your mind, and 11/11 serves us a reminder to do so. 

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