12 Days of Yoga Inspiration with EkhartYoga.com

EkhartYoga is offering 12 short talks on different yoga concepts for free for everyone to access during December.

The 12 Days of Yoga Inspiration program offers you different perspectives on life, love and everything! Who knows it might also give you a helping hand navigating through the holiday season.

The talks are available online at EkhartYoga.com starting December 10th and they will be free to watch for the whole of December. Make sure you don’t miss out on this great offer. You can sign up here to follow the program via email and get a daily dose of yoga wisdom sent to you each day.

The talks are for everyone, whether it is your first dip into yoga philosophy or you can recite the sutras in your sleep! To help you through this busy time of year all the talks are under 10 minutes, giving you a bite-size nugget of yoga wisdom to digest during your day.

Led by EkhartYoga teachers Esther Ekhart, Esther Teule, Sandra Carson and David Lurey, covering non-attachment, stillness, svadhyaya, calming the mind, tantric contraction and expansion, connection, the breath, bliss, mantra, the sutras, fire and how to be present.

Something extra for our EkhartYoga members

If you have a paid membership with EkhartYoga you will also have access to a great yoga class on the same theme as the talk. Experience the inspiration in action! The classes will be a mix of levels and styles with lots of active Vinyasa Flows and slower practices.

Not a member yet? Now might be the time. Subscribing to EkhartYoga gives you unlimited streaming access to an ever growing library of online yoga and meditation classes from international teachers. It’s affordable and easy to join and you can cancel anytime.

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About EkhartYoga

EkhartYoga.com is Europe’s largest online yoga studio featuring highly experienced, passionate teachers led by Esther Ekhart, with a wide mix of yoga styles. They provide Real Yoga for Real People offering online classes for complete beginners to advanced yogis in an accessible, down to earth way.

A monthly subscription to Ekhartyoga.com costs less than a single live yoga class and gives you unlimited streaming access to over 1000 yoga and meditation classes, yoga programs, pranayama, tutorials, lectures, yoga teacher resources, articles, recipes and more. So you can practice wherever and whenever you like.

To find out more please visit www.ekhartyoga.com

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