3 Smartphone Apps that Will Help you Meditate—Not Play Words with Friends


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If you’re like us, you probably take advantage of your morning commute to do really meaningful things, like, um, obsess about your to-do list, catch up on the news (Page Six counts, right?), or play Words With Friends.

But a slew of meditation apps promises to deliver a little extra calm, clarity, and well-being while you're en route. (Or, if you're driving, once you've safely arrived at your destination.) Or pretty much anywhere.

And while nothing can compete with a Sharon Salzberg or a Josh Korda for meditation guidance, the apps we test-drove here are surprisingly good for gadgets. Find out which meditation app is right for you… —Carla Vass


Calm by Calm.com

Meditation style: Agnostic

Calm.com’s free app blends predictably calming video (think sunsets and placid beaches) with lulling, nature sounds such as rain and crickets. A velvety smooth voice, vaguely reminiscent of the automated GPS dominatrix, guides you through a series of relaxation exercises and guided meditations. You pick the background video, sound, and a 2-, 10- or 20-minute meditation. Easy and no-frills (unless you count the babbling brook) relaxation.

Cost: Free from the App Store, at www.calm.com, or $0.99 for an upgraded version (with all guided meditations). App for iPhones only.

Keep reading for 2 more apps that will help you get your meditation on.

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