3 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

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We all love our jewelry, malas, gemstones, and crystals. They serve many purposes: You might have purchased them to accessorize or for the healing benefits of the stones. Either way, the best way to keep your crystals and stones in top condition is to give them proper and regular cleansing. 

Not cleaning your crystals can be disruptive to their harmonious power. For instance, let's say you have your old great-great grandmother's ruby ring, a family heirloom that has been passed down for generations. Unless you have properly cleansed the ring, it is carrying the psychic energy of every person who has ever touched it, going all the way back to the miners who mined it.

If you traced the ring back through its history, you could find that the ring had been worn through terrible divorces, war, sickness, and even death—and all of these experiences would have left negative energy in the gemstone. The gemstone would be carrying impressions of anger, fear, sadness, and loss, just to name a few. I am not saying that all of the energy would be negative, but you can guarantee that the stone is caring at least some energy that you don’t want to bring into your current life.

How this is possible? Well, crystals and gemstones are alive. They absorb, store, and amplify energy. This is why a gemstone or crystal can be programmed with positive intentions. Every time a person touches or handles a crystal they are transferring their energy to it, which the crystal absorbs, stores, and amplifies.

If negative energy is absorbed by the crystal, than the positive healing benefitsl are diminished. Even if you are buying a brand new crystal or piece of jewelry, it is still caring unwanted energies, and the first thing you want to do is cleanse it.

The good news? It's super easy to clean crystals and jewelry. Here my top three cleansing methods:

Running Water

Hold the bracelet, ring, etc. under the water for a few minutes. It's preferable, though not necessary, to use clean water from a moving stream or river. If this cannot be done, clean or filtered water works fine. 


Burn the leaves of white sage and let the smoke blow over the crystal for a few minutes. (Incense can also be used.)


Cover a crystal with some salt in a small bowl and leave it over night. Some people recommend using salt with water. I don’t because it can be harsh on your crystals and jewelry. Dry salt is all you need.

How often should you cleanse your crystals? If you wear them regularly, I recommend daily to once a week. As you attune to your crystals energy you will also be able to tell when it needs a cleaning. It might feel dull, heavy, or cold.

And when in doubt, a good cleanse never hurts. 

How do you cleanse your crystals?

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