4 Definite Ways to Tell Your Intuition is Trying to Tell You Something


Your heart, your gut, an internal knowing... call it what you want, but when you realize you are in touch with your intuition, go with it.

There are plenty of articles that can guide you through how to quiet your mind and find that inner voice. But how do you know when you’ve heard it? What is the difference between your intuitive mind and thinking mind? Here’s four ways you can identify answers from your intuition rather than from the thinking mind. I


When you know the solution before you’ve consciously thought about one.
You know before you know that you know. When you tell your friends your revelation, they tell you they’ve known all along. Not because they can read your mind, but because they can read your face and they can hear what’s in your voice, not just your words.  Friends, family, teachers, and those in your life who know you well probably know what is best for you, but the good friends, family, and teachers let you come to realize this on your own. They don’t tell you what to do; you come to understanding your own truth in your own time from within.

When you know you must do something because your soul can’t rest until you agree to take the gamble.
You can spend as much time as you please coming up with alternative plans, easier options, or decisions that will cause fewer complications… but none of these ideas will sink in if they go against your intuition; you will have a resistance to each new idea that has come up in your brainstorming session.

The decision, the answer, or the solution is bold.
Your intuition doesn’t have time nor interest in sugar coating or simplifying plans. There are no boundaries or limits to intuition. In fact, it may seem like your intuition is leading you down an impossible, complex path, setting you up for failure… but in fact, anytime you follow your heart you are simplifying your life. You will never fail by following the true desires of your heart. By following your gut, you remove the waste of time that is resistance.

Once you realize what you’re thinking and just how bold it is, you back off.
You want to run. You want to pretend you never heard or felt the answer. It’s way too complicated; it’s way too unreasonable. The plans are so large, there’s no way you can pull it off. You’re frightened by the thoughts, ideas, and plans that your intuition has come up with. You want to do all of this running and avoiding, yet you can’t. When it’s just an idea from the thinking mind, it’s easy to dismiss and there’s nothing to be afraid of. But the intuitive guidance doesn’t get pushed aside so easily. Intuition guides and pesters. It’s irrational and relentless.

Once you know what your heart truly wants, you can’t un-know. And once you’ve heard it, don’t ignore it. Following your gut is essential in living your life with integrity and contentment. Your spirit is within you and when you are in tune enough to hear what spirit is beckoning for, you unleash your spirit and the limitless potential within you. When you ignore your intuition or make decisions against it, you’ll lose a sense of inner peace. You disturb the harmony within and obstacles will form, standing between you and your path to happiness. The solutions that you come up with intuitively may not be the easiest or smallest ideas, but they are definitely the simplest.

Follow your intuition; let your heart be your guide. Stay quiet and calm and trust the process.

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