4 Tips to Make your Meal a Meditative Moment

Being born in Italy means that you'll spend half of your life cooking delicious food.

Studying yoga in India means that you'll spend half of your time eating delicious food. Moving to the big city means giving up all your eating rituals and becoming trapped in the junk-food city jungle.

When I first moved to the city I tried to export my naturally-born taste for good food, taking my time to discover nice grocery stores, food markets, and cooking slowly with passion. It did not last long though; the frenetic breath of Berlin permitted me to only have very little time to dedicate to my meals.

I found myself eating in the car while stuccoed in traffic jams, skipping lunch, even washing awful remoulade sauce stains from my yoga pants. The truth is the city environment does not stimulates people to keep on with an healthy diet; we are constantly pushed to do everything faster, to put everything in take and drop boxes, even feelings, even ravioli. With time, I learned how to deal with the big city schedule, how to keep an eye on my eating routine, and how to make cooking and eating a deep meditative moment.

4 Tips to Make your Meal a Meditative Moment

1. Stay focus while cooking Cutting, chopping, peeling, smelling, tasting, squeezing, and dressing can all be an incredibly meaningful experiences. Concentrating on the food without chatting, watching TV and sending Whatsapps will make you develop a love for fresh and healthy ingredients, and you'll get addicted.

2. Eat slowly There's nothing worse than standing by eating, walking by eating, driving by eating. Even if you are not home, find a nice spot, sit down, keep eye contact with your food like it's your prey, and eat slowly. Your mind will be quiet, you will be sated without eating disproportionately, and your digestive system will be really thankful and shanti-ful.

3. Cook often I know it's hard to resist to the idea of going out on the weekend to have dinner in one of the thousand fancy and fashion restaurants of the city, but the sad truth is that no big chef will put the same amount of love in your food than yourself. Cooking gladly for yourself and for your friends will spread a huge amount of love on your dishes, and everything will magically taste better than in any steak house; if it doesn't, just follow the first yogic advice: practice, practice, practice!

4. Satisfy yourself I was born in a land which first rule is: satisfy yourself. I will never experience the bliss of maintaining a strict yogic eating routine, so my last advice is: if you feel like eating it, go for it, at least once a week. Always check where your food came from and avoid supermarket and intensive-farming. Apart from that seek for your satisfaction. If you feel you could die if you don't eat a chocolate cookie, go for it, same for fish and chips; never fight against your desires, especially in food, see it as your dirty little secret, your reward for all the good thing that I'm sure you do in your life. Buon Appetito!