4 Ways To Be Happy Right Now

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We all want to be happy, right?


While doing research for my first book, I uncovered a formula to help people boost innate faith, increase confidence, + attain genuine happiness + satisfaction.

After years of schooling, training, and working with a plethora of clients, I have discovered the one thing we all want at the end of the day: to be happy.

All my clients say: “but I just want to be happy.”

So what stands in our way?

False or negative belief patterns about ourselves + the world and to get to happiness, we must first stop believing in and acting on the negative.

I’ve outlined some tips to help you be happier.  Like, right now.

Realize that opinions ≠ fact:

There are two things we’re not short of: people and their opinions.

Opinions are fantastic! They add variety, dimension, breadth and depth to any discussion or good debate. They have the potential to unify us + spark innovation. But, be wary of taking on other peoples opinions as fact or truth. This can damage your emotional stability and send ripples of doubt through your confidence and disrupt your happy.

It’s important that you cultivate an inner circle of trusted confidants whose opinions you consider carefully. But even then, watch how you let those ideas sink into your psyche.

Listening to others opinions and taking them as fact can precent you from reaching your full potential. Too often we listen to our rational mind and to what other people think, failing to ask ourselves how we feel about our current situation.

Stop obsessing over the past + worrying about the future:

Don’t cry over spilled milk. Life is a roller-coaster  and you’ll so much more comfortable in the now if you learn to focus on the moment + haul your attention away from the past.

Clean up fearful thought patterns:

How? Begin by actively noticing how your unresolved angst with the past and fear of the future is blocking you from your power. It’s keeping you stuck.  Start by asking yourself where you are playing small.  When you really, consciously pay attention to your behavior, you can start to get honest about what fears are at the root of your worry.

Change your mindset:

Let go of those fears and choose a more empowering mindset. When obsessive worry about the past or future comes up, say to yourself:

“My worry is unnecessary and I will not allow myself to go there.  I choose to be kind toward myself instead.”

Our bodies are molecular entities that are always vibrating an energy. Your body is positive when your thoughts are positive and negative when your thoughts are negative. Our energy fields are magnets and they attract their likeness. If you’re caught up in worrying about your future, you will attract negativity into your life.

Who want’s that?

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Danielle dowling

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