There's Now a Weed-Friendly Yoga Retreat in Colorado

It’s not uncommon to witness the combination of cannabis with some of our favorite acitivites. 

As the medicinal and recreational purposes of marijuana increase in popularity, more and more folks are looking for creative ways to bring the plant to the people. We’ve seen marijuana-inspired essential oils, tinctures, and even yoga studios. Now we’re looking at the next brainchild of recreational marijuana: The 420 Yoga Retreat.

The weekend retreat is set to take place September 30–October 2 in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Aspen Canyon Ranch, the joint’s venue, made the news earlier in March for opening “America’s first cannabis resort,” Bud+Breakfast. (Brownie points for the adorable pun.) 

The event's organizer, 25-year yoga veteran Yogi D, was recently dubbed by CNN as “America’s relaxation expert.” With a level of commitment that defies the lazy stoner stereotype, Yogi D has been combining cannabis and yoga for 20 years. 

“For this retreat, we want to reach the state of our dogs,” Yogi D mentions in an interview with Westword. “Be in the moment, love unconditionally, playful, no judgment, love and care.”

The combination of yoga, meditation, and marijuana is what Yogi D believes encourages a state of utter relaxation. He calls himself a “yoga addict” and says that yoga and meditation have helped improve his concentration, self awareness, and overall happiness. As for marijuana, Yogi D embraces the spiritual aspects and rich history of the herb. 

“There is this spiritual gift within the cannabis,” he continues. “When I was in India, I was just walking around the town and holy sadhus would be smoking… They were using the herb for medicinal and spiritual purposes. They've been doing that for thousands of years.”

If Yogi D is after a plafyul and carefree environment, he's sure to get it. This weekend of yoga, meditation, marijuana, and massage might be adults only, but it's sure to bring out some of your more childlike tendencies. Lodging consists of camping and cabins that line the river, and practitioners get three diet-tailored meals per day. In addition to therapeutic reggae flow and a handful of yoga classes, yogis are treated to tea and munchies, dance parties, and acro massage. 

For legal purposes, guests are required to purchase the marijuana at the property’s cannabis concierge. But the retreat is already getting away with quite a bit–normally smoking on such grounds would be prohibited, as public consumption of recreational marijuana is illegal. However, the small number of rooms and secluded location allows Camp Bud+Breakfast visitors to smoke in public areas, including trails, the riverside, bonfire circles, hot tubs, and in this case, yoga studios. 

“There truly is no place like this in the entire world,” Joel Schneider tells BusinessWire. Schneider is the CEO of the MaryJane Group and operator of Camp Bud+Breakfast at Aspen Canyon Ranch. “We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment.” 

And throwing some yoga into the mix never hurt anyone. 

Would you attend the 420 Yoga Retreat?

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