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5 Contemporary Songs Perfect for Warm Flow Vinyasa Classes

Warm Core Vinyasa classes are easily my favorite yoga classes to attend.

While I will always have a soft spot for basic yoga classes when I just need a good stretch and for Hot Yoga classes when I want something more challenging but still relaxing, Warm Core Vinyasa classes are the ultimate when it comes to getting in a fantastic workout and still leaving with that yoga glow and feeling of perfect harmony.

I’ve been to several different types of classes, and while most stick to the traditional soothing yoga music, a few have had us chaturangaing our way through class with some contemporary and indie music that takes the class to an entirely new level. When I’m in the mood for a hardcore flow practice, these five songs are my go-to songs to play:

Let Go by FrouFrou—The chorus of this song says it all: let go, jump in, oh well, what are you waiting for? The soft melodic sounds of this song combined with the powerful verses encouraging you to jump in and let yourself break down summarize what you should strive to obtain during a yoga practice—letting go of the world and coming out of the practice renewed and refreshed.

Breathe Me by Sia—This song starts out slow enough to begin your practice and then gradually speeds up, which is perfect for a vinyasa flow. The melancholy music is therapeutic in its own right, and coupled with the restorative nature of a yoga practice the pairing of the two is an unparalleled match between yoga and music.

Maps by Yeah YeahYeahs—This upbeat tune will have you flowing quickly from pose to pose, guaranteeing that you’ll break a sweat. Plus the catchy lyrics and fun beat will ensure that you’re smiling from ear to ear the entire time. It could be just the mental burst you need to finally try crow pose.

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by the Postal Service—Another song that starts out slow enough to ease into a yoga practice, but picks up throughout to flow into vinyasas make this a perfect complement to anyone who enjoys practicing yoga to a more contemporary/indie playlist.

It’s Amazing by Jem—If you need a song that will give you a good pick-me-up during a practice, this song will do it. It’s upbeat and funky, but mellow enough to still practice to. The piano intro sets the tone and her lyrics telling you to work harder and that you deserve your dreams fall in line with realizing your full potential, something we all strive for in practice.

Practicing yoga to a contemporary or indie playlist helps put an entirely new spin on a practice, especially one that is upbeat, such as a core vinyasa flow class. If you’re anything like me you won’t be able to help but smile as the funky beats help you flow from pose to pose.


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