5 Spiritual Ways to Balance Your Chakras

Need some help getting your chakras in check? Need to tone and tune up your soul?

We all get a little out of holistic whack from time-to-time. That's why knowing how to reset and recharge our energy centers can be as important as getting a craving fix mid-moon cycle, or an attitude adjustment mid-Monday morning. The Spiritual PA, Emma Mildon, shares her top spiritual hacks for balancing your chakras when you need a sort-my-soul-shit-out energy fix.

Chakra balancing and alignment is essentially taking time to detox and center your energy. When chakras are well nourished and nurtured you’ll find you can be your best self. You are more happy, tolerant, and motivated.

So why is it important, and what happens when you don’t take good care of your chakras? Good question! And to be fair, all of us in some way, shape, or form have experienced a chakra imbalance. Here's how to tell…

When your energy is out of alignment you might feel lethargic, moody, unmotivated, depressed, and generally out of sorts with life. Symptoms aside, chakra cleansing and balancing should be part of your soul's servicing—like going to the dentist or getting a mechanical check-up for your car—keep your energy in check by keeping it well serviced!

Below are some chakra tips for the lazy healer, hands-on healer, on-the-go healer, and the transcendental healer. Choose your chakra prescription from the chakra checklist below…

Chakra Salt

No, this isn't an excuse to lick the salted chips kind of salt. Sea salt and Epsom salt baths are one of the quickest and easiest ways to help realign and balance out your energies and chakras. All you need to do is lie back and let your body, mind, and soul soak it up. Salt helps to regulate the water balance in our bodies, and works to help extract toxins and pollutants—both emotional and physical—from both our bodies and our energies. Yes, your chakra chore is to take a relaxing bath!

Chakra Chi

Chi aka energy is a vital element of the ancient art of feng shui. Keeping your energy in order can be hard when your environment might be contributing to some bad or toxic vibes. To help give your energy the best chance of staying cleansed and positive, make sure you rest and recharge in spots that feel like a sanctuary. If you don’t love the energy of your home, change it. Plants, shifting furniture, adding crystals, and changing colors can transform a space and your mood and energy. Go on, get your chakra decorator on!

Chakra Exercises

Try one of the many chakra exercises to help soothe and balance your chakras—whichever you feel would best resonate with your energy. Yoga and meditation can help to release any blocks to your energy and flush them from your system. Also remember to drink lots of water to help cleanse your internal and energetic system. Music can also help to realign your energy, as different instruments connect to different chakras, so it is worth exploring different chakra healing tracks. You can easily find these on iTunes or via Google.

Chakra Crystals

Use a crystal as a chakra balancing band-aid. Blue kyanite is a great go-to crystal that works to automatically align and balance your chakras without needing any programming or tuning (aka no fancy, woo-woo spiritual stuff). You get the crystal, you keep it on your person, and it helps to keep your chakras in check. Clear quartz is another great crystal to have on chakra standby as it helps to clear and cleanse all of your chakras. It's truly a great crystal to help keep you cleansed and your chakras cleared on a daily basis. You can keep it by your bedside table, hold it when you meditate, or wear it as a bracelet or necklace for cleansing on the go.

Chakra Cleanse

Need some extra TLC in the chakra department? We can all do with some added chakra-aid from time-to-time. Visit an energy healer or reiki consultant and explore a chakra healing or cleansing. Using hand, heat, and/or crystal vibrations, the healing will leave you feeling lighter, brighter, and remove any energy blocks that might have kicked your chakras out of balance.

Emma mildon

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