5 Things My Dog Taught Me About Yoga


To have a dog’s life, if a phrase I’ve heard time and time again.

But, what is it about these furry descendants of the wolf (which is still argued in scientific circles today) that brings us our greatest joy? They too share an innate love for yoga, no bones about it:

Dogs dig Pranayama: Dogs primarily live in Ujjayi, rhythmically, inhaling and exhaling through their noses. However, when my dog is having way too much fun and becomes heated, she switches to mouth breathing, as we do, and uses Sitali. Of course, she can’t curl her tongue along the sides of her mouth, but the premise is much the same. Simply drawing air in over our tongue is cooling and that’s cool.

Down dog feels good: Dogs are natural experts of this posture. My dog practices this with ease. Her front legs are extended, weight balanced and tail bone high. Although she may not hold this posture long, her frequency visiting this pose says it all.

One day the crow will come: Dogs are inquisitive and possess an over abundance of patience. My furry girl will sit, window gazing for hours fueled by her desire to get a bird’s eye view. So I too, patiently pause, prepare, plant my hands, place my knees near my armpits and hope to fly.

Forgive freely: Dogs forgive…instantly. “Noooo, don’t eat my lemon tea bread!” Dog owners know this, immediately after chastising my dog with her ears slung back and shame in her eyes…she lets it go. You know, heart shining, nose nudging, big lick letting go. Forgiving wholly allows a lot of uptake of peace.

Savasana is a state of restful awareness: Resting is reenergizing. Observing my dog, she isn’t sleeping, she is resting. Her eyes are closed, but her brows dance with movement. She rests, refuels and absorbs the sounds and energy of the universe that surrounds her.




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