50 Thoughts You Have in Yoga Class

If you're anything like me, your brain is not always a quiet space in yoga class. 

After all, our brains are constantly going, and it can be hard automatically turn everything off. The mental work of yoga is just as much of a practice as the physical. And to prove that, here's a play-by-play of all the thoughts you might experience in your regular yoga class. 

1. Where should I put my mat? Do I want to be in the cozy corner, or do I want to by some natural light? I don’t want to be to close to anyone. That guy looks cute. Oh, there’s his boyfriend. Damn. I’ll just go here. Yes. This is perfect. 

2. I love starting in child’s pose. Can we just do this for the rest of class?

3. I should really clean my mat. 

4. Three oms. We’ve got this. I love my classmates. I love my teacher. Yoga is the best. Clear mind, here we go.

5. What am I going to have for lunch after class? I should save money, but that new vegan place opened up and I could go for a huge salad. 

6. Oh, shit. I’m thinking. 

7. *Attempts to clear mind*

8. *Attempts to clear mind further*

9. Okay, this isn’t hard! We’re starting to flow! 

10. I always feel so badass in Warrior. I wonder which goddess I am most like? I really love Athena, but right now I totally identify with Artemis. 

11. I would love to learn more about mythology. 

12. Crap, I hate chair pose. Here we go. 

13. Please let me out of chair pose. 

14. Thank God, Mountain Pose. I am strong. I’ve got this. 

15. Woah, that girl has some really cute yoga pants. I love the fun mermaid print.  I should buy more than just black. I should really add some color to my wardrobe. I should also get some mala beads. But wait–then am I putting too  much emphasis on material things? Oops, I’m going on a thought tangent. Let’s focus on the breath. 

16. I really do feel calmer when I focus on my breath. 


18. I love human beings. I love honest connection. 

19. Crap, is my phone on silent? I need to text my Mom back. I will do it as soon as class ends. 

20. What am I going to do for lunch again? Maybe Stacey wants to go to that vegan place. Ugh, but I really shouldn’t spend money. 

21. I’m thinking again! Back to the present moment. 

22. Ooo, this flow feels really good. I needed a side-angle stretch. 

23. I feel like a ballerina. 

24. What if I had started practicing gymnastics at a really young age? Would I be in the Olympics?

25. I should focus on what I do have. I’m proud of myself for developing a yoga practice. 

26. Woah, that girl next to me is flexible! 

27. Balance poses. Here we go. I’m so good at tree.

28. Wait, that’s the ego talking. I will simply enjoy tree.

29. Huh, there’s a hole in the wall. I’ll use for my Drishti.  

30. Are we halfway through?

31. No, no, stay in the moment! You don’t to rush through this. 


33. I sure have a lot of thoughts. 

34. But isn’t that the point of yoga? To recognize when I’m having thoughts?

35. I also hope I’m getting a good workout. Maybe I should have gone on a run. 

36. Yes, time for floor work!

37. Aw, man. I forgot floor work meant wheel. 

38. Aw, man. I forgot floor work meant crunches. 

39. Wow, I’m actually a lot stronger than I used to be!

40. Everyone else in this class seems tired, too. We really are all the same!

41. The teacher is telling us to feel our Prana flowing through us. Can I feel mine? I think so. It feels pretty good. 

42. Okay, now I really need to think about lunch. I’m happier when I don’t spend too much time making a decision. I will go home! I will eat the food in my house! I will save ten dollars!

43. Ooooh, with that ten dollars I can splurge on a drink with dinner tonight.  

44. Focus on the moment! Class is almost over!

45. Am I doing pigeon pose correctly? Please come adjust me. 

46. Time for savasana. I never know what I’m supposed to think in this post. 

47. *Attempts to clear mind*

48. A refreshing cold eucalyptus towel??? This is the best studio ever!

49. Ah, time for namaste. Thank you so much, teach. 

50. I’m so glad I came to yoga. 

Looking to start quieting your mind? These tips will help get you started. 

What do you think about in a yoga class?

Photo by Daniel Craig.