8 Yoga Poses for Beautiful Skin

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Do you believe that healthy skin equates to beautiful skin?

If you do, congratulations: You've taken on a new perspective on beauty. If you're still vehemently denying the connection, it's high time you allow yourself to be converted. 

When it comes to healthy skin, most people think that a moisturizer, an anti-wrinkle cream, or a blush hold the answers to their skin problems. What people fail to realize is that beautiful skin cannot be achieved by using the right products alone. Beautiful skin is the result of a healthy and sound mind and body, which you can achieve with a daily yoga practice. 

Below are eight yoga poses that will convince you that you've always needed more than just a good moisturizer to enjoy better circulation and naturally glowing skin.

1. Standing Forward Fold

Stand with your feet slightly at a distance apart from each other. Bend your body forward. Bring your arms down with your palms reaching for the floor, fingers pointing forward. Bring your head to face inwards with your face facing your legs so as not to strain your back and shoulder muscles. Feel free to bend your elbows as you do so but keep your knees stretched, and your legs and back straight.

2. Mountain Pose

Stand tall with your feet and toes lined up next to each other. Raise your arms up, elbows straight, back straight, and your tummy tucked. Stretch your arms as high up as you can. Tilt your face up towards the ceiling, focusing on your hands. Breathe in deeply as you simultaneously raise your toes, arms, and head.

3. Lotus Pose

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, toes pointed upwards. Hold each toe with your hands: Right hand holding your left toe, left hand holding your right toe. Slowly arch your back. Allow your elbows to touch the floor without bringing down your arms to the ground. Hold the pose for as long as you can. Feel the blood rush, and as you go back to starting point and breathe out, your body is bringing a glow to your skin faster than any moisturizer could.

4. Plow Pose

Start by lying flat on the floor. Legs and feet are zipped up tight and arms are on your sides with the palms face down. Keeping your palms against the floor, slowly bring your toes and legs over your head until your toes are pressed against the floor. Use your shoulders to support your body and your back and arms to help maintain your balance. For beginners, you can bring your arms up to your hips for added support.

5. Shoulder Stand

From Plow Pose, lift your legs vertically. Support your hips with your arms, keeping the shoulders as the main weight-bearers. For beginners, try doing the pose with your feet rested against a straight, vertical wall. For intermediate practitioners, set your upper arm and elbows to be parallel against the floor with your hands on your hips to support your body weight.

6. Chair Pose 

From a standing position, feet and toes together, bend your knees to parallel, keeping your feet flat against the floor. Then, slowly raise your arms forward with your arms diagonally pointing towards the ceiling and aligned to your body. Press your palms together. 

7. Seated Twist Pose

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out. Cross your left leg over to your right thigh. Tuck your right leg inward, with your heels next to your left buttocks. Twist your waist to the left, right hand touching your lower left leg and your left arms to your back, palm against the floor. Switch sides.

8. Camel Pose

Kneel, placing your knees slightly apart. Then, extend your arms backward to touch your heels. Arch your back with the top of your head reaching gently backward. A variation includes touching the toes one at a time.  

Have you noticed a difference in your circulation and skin after yoga? Share in the comments below.

Photo by Ali Kaukas