Activating Sol Power: Earth Day Eco-Challenge

When we take back our power, shift our food choices, stop unnecessary waste. live in more natural light, walk, ride, and unplug - we feel more energized. 

While we stay engaged at the local and global level, there is much we can do together from our body and home. In the Earth Body Mudra Empowerment, you can join us any day this week in transforming asanas into elemental body/hasta mudras to activate our awareness and turn love into eco-action.

Shine On – Earth Day 10-day Body Mudra-Eco-Challenge:

Over one billion people in 192 countries participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest observance in the world. The Earth Day Body Mudra and Eco-Challenge is a call  for the yoga world and beyond to link our earth body to simple yet impactful earth eco-action during the Earth Day Week until April 25th, but continuing on Facebook at Yoga Energy Activism throughout the year. In ten "body mudras" people from all backgrounds are expressing their voice, inspiration, dedications and activation.

From the very first day, people began to inspire each other from around the world. Our first body mudra was vajrasana with ganesha mudra as a way of honoring our dedication to the earth. If you like you can try it with just the hands or also opening your knees wide. Come into Ganesh mudra by bringing your right hand to your heart with your left hand opposite. Clasp the fingers and slightly pull to feel an activation in your core, your heart, your passion.  See if you can keep that mudra now as you read on. 

One participant, Vania Ybarra, in the eco-challenge wrote on this day of Ganesha mudra, that she woke up to a loud arguement on the streets. When she looked outside and she saw her neighbor Anatolia, with feet dangling from a window screaming "stop the injustice or I will jump" to a crew of workers who were sent to cut the tree behind her down. She was prepared to jump to save the life of the tree, and when the workers left the neighbors applauded. Vania told her about our Eco-Challenge and they took a picture of Anatolia in the mudra to be in inspiration for others and to support the life of this tree.

People are amazing everywhere. We must take action as the small actions are adding up.  Like the abundance of solar energy we live in we have untapped reservoirs of energy within ourselves. This is the power of light. It only takes a spark to illumine the darkness.

You can join us as people around the world are  sharing their creative dedications in taking back their power, honoring our water and our energy as well as making the food we eat matter. For the last three days, I have been using my solar oven and solar shower for the first time in my own home. We have had so much fun cooking squashes, tamales and vegetable frittatas in the solar oven - it is like we are eating the sun. Our hot shower from the sun to rinse off from surfing used less than 1 gallon of water vs 7-8 gallons per minute in our shower. 

We are energized by simple shifts. We can inspire each other. We can be one of the americans that shifts the tide of our waste, and reliance on toxic fuel. We can help over 1.2 billion people in the world who rely on toxic kerosene fuel instead of renewable light. D.light and solar-aid have already put 43 million solar lanterns in the world. There are people all around us at a local level who can be inspired through light. We are working with homeless and at-risk youth here in Los Angeles by providing solar lanterns for education and safety.

Wherever you are you can be a light - Appo Deepa Bhava

Be a light was the Buddhas last teaching. When we connect our heart with our actions we tap into the same energetic power.  

We are dancing this Saturday night as part of NYC Yoga Journal Conference: Sol Yoga: light the night with DJ Tasha Blank - every ticket sold buys a solar lantern to benefit locally and globally. 

This week you can join as a part of our Earth Body Ten -Day Inspiration for generating energy in our bodies while simultaneously inspiring our passion for life and positive green actions in our home, workplace and community. Receive guidance on earthbodymudras and hand mudras for everyone, and elemental prana vinyasa 20 minute mini-sequence that connects you to the power of nature.

Earth Day Inspiration and Eco Challenge #flowforchange #yogaforlight #shivarea108 #yjearthdaychallenge

Join us for an Earth Day Body Mudra or energetic asana that connects us to the elements of nature, our bodies to the earth, water, energy, air and environment and our consciousness in a ten day process to activate and empower positive change that increases energy within you and honors our energy resources.

Inspiration –Each day, each “bodymudra” connects you to an element within from earth as well as an earth action. We have already begun but you can join in on the inspiration as each day’s elemental bodymudra connects you to the earth that in the end becomes a sequence to enjoy.

Earth Action - Eco Challenge – Tune-up our earth awareness and activate the power of small eco-actions for change as we integrate a green-living shift in our bodies, home and in the world. Add your comments to your post. Inspire others.
#yogaforlight #flowforchange Join a collective action in this international year of the light, support solar lanterns locally and globally. 

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Shiva Rea, global yoga teacher, energy activist, and movement alchemist has collaborated with musicians, DJ’s, and movers and shakers from around the world for positive change. As the founder of Prana Vinyasa and Samdura Global School for Living Yoga, she offers online classes, workshops, retreats and trainings for living flow.