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My Love Affair with Yoga: How Yoga is Like a Long-Term Relationship

Yoga and  me  are in a long-term relationship, one that I am continually finding new reasons to fall in love with it over, and over and over! It’s spicy!

I love that it isn’t just down dog and warrior two, even though those may have been the reasons I fell in love with it in the first place.

No, its mysterious, dangerous even and sometimes more than a hint naughty. Just when things are threatening to get a bit stale it surprises me. Sometimes it’s a nuance in the way to place my hands on my mat, other times it’s floating into scorpion handstand from the back of my mat. It keeps my interest piqued and coming back for more.

Oh sure, there are days I am so frustrated I want to swear it off all together. We have our fights. No relationship is entirely drama free. I don’t always get my way. I pout. I lay blame where it doesn’t belong. It’s the poses fault I can’t do them. Perhaps I’ll just ignore certain poses as a way of “getting back at them”. Of course we make up and I realize it’s not anyones fault. Relationships are just hard work. Gaining deeper understanding requires a lot of work, time and patience. Patience I don’t always have. It also provides a mirror. One I don’t always want to look into.

Yoga often offers me well meaning yet unsolicited advice. I sometimes feel its being bossy. I don’t appreciate being told what to do. I’m not proud to say that I ignored a lot of it on good days. On bad days, I even did things out of spite! (Oh, I should take it easy today you say?! Well, maybe I will practice twice today….take that! I can do whatever I well please!) I usually come around and realize that yoga does really have my back and is just trying to look out for me. I feel lucky to have it in my life. It seems to know what I need before I do. It brings to my attention that I would otherwise miss.

However, regardless of the hard work, the ups and downs, and disagreements the nothing soothes me like those first five ujjayi breaths in down dog. I am suddenly home. This is love.



Angela’s love for yoga began in 2003 after a car accident challenged her to find a way to rehab her knees. She did her 200hr training with Yogaworks in 2006, and then followed it up in 2007 with the Yogaworks advanced teacher training mentorship program. In 2008 she assisted a Yogaworks Teacher Training in Australia with her mentor Annie Carpenter.

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