Balini Sports Introduces 2015 Gemini Collection on Kickstarter

BaliniSports is currently introducing the 2015 Gemini Collection on Kickstarter. 

The revolutionary collection seeks to provide flexibility and support to women in an unprecedented and exciting way. Pieces from the upcoming collection have been designed to transition from the gym to the street flawlessly. The same yoga outfit that offers amazing support and performance can also look sophisticated on an afternoon coffee date or during a casual work meeting. The Gemini Collection is distinguished by a series of attachable tank tops that bring coverage and a pop of color to any ensemble. These pieces are designed to bring style to an outfit and leave more space in closets everywhere. They are also designed to fit effortlessly into purses and gym bags for maximum convenience. Women will have the freedom to mix and match colors as they please.

The true power of the Gemini Collection all comes down to how and why each piece is created. BaliniSports is the ultimate underdog in the apparel world. Pieces from the upcoming collection are to be created at highly esteemed factories in the United States. In fact, previous lines from this small company have already earned the distinguished honor of being produced in the same factories as the world’s leading sports apparel brands. Careful planning goes into making sure that every piece of apparel produced by BaliniSports is brought to life without the use of toxic dyes or the creation of excess waste. Supporters of the brand can rest easy knowing that its designs are created using bluesign® certified methods.

Aside from being good for the planet, the Gemini Collection is designed to be good for a woman’s body and soul. Every piece is engineered using cutting-edge fabric technology for supreme support and moisture elimination. Wearers can enjoy flexibility and freedom from fears of moisture and sweat stains.

Ada Hung selected a lucky charm that reflects love, freedom and empowerment to serve as the company’s logo. Every piece produced by the brand features this symbol of encouragement and wholeness. BaliniSports encourages anyone who loves yoga, great clothes and the planet to support and share the 2015 Gemini Collection Kickstarter campaign. It's easy to see why 2015 is truly meant to be the year of one collection with endless possibilities.

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