BaliSpirit Festival Teacher Spotlight: Carlos Romero

The 8th annual BaliSpirit Festival, a Global Celebration of Yoga, Dance & Music will be taking place March 31 until April 5, 2015. 

Offering rejuvenation and inspiration to all who enter its tropical grounds, the festival invites some of the world’s greatest instructors offering diverse workshops in yoga, meditation, music and dance, as well as seminars in healing and health.

We’ve caught up with some of BaliSpirit’s teachers and presenters to find out their top wellbeing tips as well as finding out why they love BaliSpirit Festival so much! Next up: Carlos Romero:

YNON: What are your top tips(s) on bringing more spirit into one's daily life

CR: Morning prayers, start the morning with a big smile, meditate on the sunrise, one moment of silence. 

YNON: One top wellbeing thought you always remind yourself of when life gets off the track

CR: I am divine light! Radiating light! Radiating love, peace, and harmony from the inside out. 

YNON:  Your recipe of a healthy & happy life

Less worries, more joyful moments, be friends with your limitations, love-love-love. 

YNON: One top thing you hope the participants of your workshop at BSF-2015 will take out 

CR: The joy of acrobatics, solid foundation of acrobatics, new friends to play with. 

YNON: What are you hoping to take ouT of BSF-2015 for yourself?

CR: High quality of teaching, connections to teach more the gifts of this practice and having an excellent time. 

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