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be present & the Arthritis Foundation: Seva Just Got Sexier

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Wrapping yourself in a killer hoodie brings about a sense of warmth and familiarity—not to mention good fashion know how.

Hoodies are like the comfort food of clothing.

Even better though? When you can proudly show your support for something you believe in through your clothing—like wearing a piece of your heart on your sleeve, literally.

be present has teamed up with Bo Forbes and the Arthritis Foundation, and the fruits of be present’s founder and designer Amy Lopatin Dobrin’s labor can be seen in this great new hoodie made specifically for restorative yoga. Rightfully named the Restore Hoodie, it’s available for purchase online.

In a righteous effort to create awareness around the various forms of arthritis and it’s effect on people of all ages, 25% of all proceeds from this new top will go to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. In addition, be present is dutifully working to provide more information to the yoga world on this topic.

Not surprisingly, since the benefits of yoga to the body are endless, the intersection of yoga and arthritis has become a popular topic of interest to those who suffer from this painful joint disease, and it has become be present’s sincere hope that by practicing yoga, people who suffer from arthritis may find even the slightest bit of relief.

You can find out more about the Arthritis Foundation by clicking here, and head on over to be present’s site here to purchase this eco-friendly, soft fabric produced from wood pulp. It comes in an awesome variety of color combinations as well: the black with blue restore is shown in the pic above, but you can also get it in amber with yellow “restore,” green apple with yellow “restore,” lavender with white “restore,” and emerald with white “restore.”




be present, founded in 2002, is an eco-conscious, Colorado based yoga clothing company sold in yoga studios, boutiques, resorts and spas worldwide. Every be present item is proudly made in the USA, and our line has become widely recognized within the yoga industry. be present is a small, family owned business that values close relationships, environmentally friendly practices and overall, simply doing the right thing. We wear be present clothes to yoga, to work, to travel, to hike, to climb, and to live. Our clothing is made to be simple, versatile, and comfortable. Although the design of our clothing incorporates the yoga philosophy, there are limitless possibilities for wearing the line in and out of your everyday life. We've seen our styles travel the world, and withstand the rigors of yoga, skydiving, surfing and climbing, just to name a few. We are proud to provide a product that can become a go-to outfit for just about anything.

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