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be present Celebrates it’s 10-Year Anniversary | A Message from Founder/Designer Amy Lopatin Dobrin

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be present clothing is celebrating it’s 10-year anniversary!

be present is one of our most favorite yoga clothing and apparel brands in the biz. In honor of the success of one of our favorite companies, we thought we’d share the following message from founder/designer Amy Lopatin Dobrin celebrating the success of 10 years – enjoy!

From founder/designer, Amy Lopatin Dobrin:

Be present will celebrate our 10th birthday this March.

10 years ago, Jon and I started out with an office in the basement of our 100 year old house.  We had 1 client – At One Yoga – which was my brother’s yoga studio in Arizona, and Jon and I did just about everything.

From there, we moved in to a small office between our screen printer and embroiderer and hired some people to help.  A few years later, we moved again to our current location and hired a few more people, some of whom have been here for 5 years now.  We still use the same printer and embroiderer today that we did then.

When we first started out, we decided to do our manufacturing in Colorado.  It made sense – this is where we live.  10 years later we still have all of our production in the US, most of it here in Colorado with the same cutters and sewers that made the first pair of be present pants.

We began as a pant company based on the color philosophy of the chakras.  I wanted bright, woven pants to wear to yoga, so our first pants were based off a pair of bright pink pants that I had bought while traveling in Thailand.  After about a year we did add black pants to the line, but we continue to have 7 chakra colors in the line each season.

We have a small yoga studio in the basement at the office where we get to practice and try out new clothes.  Over the years, we have tested out all kinds of new products to truly see how they function in practice.

We’ve just released our Spring 2012 collection.  We have 7 new Breathe Weave™ colors, to go along with our 5 staple colors.  My favorite, as always, is the new blue, Ocean.  Blue is always my favorite, which is why the be present logo is blue, much of our website is blue, and we always have at least one new blue each season.

The spring 2012 collection has its roots in the first be present collection from spring 2002, but we have grown over the years to offer more styles, fabrics, colors, art, and an entire men’s line, which didn’t exist 10 years ago but is now a huge part of the be present collection.

2012 is a big year for us here at be present.  We’ve grown to be much more than a basement-run company with a two-person staff.  I’m excited to announce a brand new logo to commemorate our 10th year.  It is two hands, holding the be present logo in the palms, each finger representing a year.  This logo is printed on special edition tees for men and women and is available online now.



““Kona Pants! Most versatile, fast-drying garment ever and absolutely clutch for nomadic road trips – I give the “No-Swamp-Butt” Seal Of Approval!” - Gina Caputo

“In the winter I live in the French Terry Resort Pant—who doesn’t love pockets! and the Long Versatility pants—love the snaps. Summer is the Kona and the Island Short. I love to mix and match the Modal® Easy Cami with the ribbed racer back bra. Currently, the Renew Elite Tank and Crop Pants have been rocking it on the mat!” - Coral Brown

Click here to visit be present’s website and shop today!



be present, founded in 2002, is an eco-conscious, Colorado based yoga clothing company sold in yoga studios, boutiques, resorts and spas worldwide. Every be present item is proudly made in the USA, and our line has become widely recognized within the yoga industry. be present is a small, family owned business that values close relationships, environmentally friendly practices and overall, simply doing the right thing. We wear be present clothes to yoga, to work, to travel, to hike, to climb, and to live. Our clothing is made to be simple, versatile, and comfortable. Although the design of our clothing incorporates the yoga philosophy, there are limitless possibilities for wearing the line in and out of your everyday life. We've seen our styles travel the world, and withstand the rigors of yoga, skydiving, surfing and climbing, just to name a few. We are proud to provide a product that can become a go-to outfit for just about anything.

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