The Philanthropic Power of Dog Yoga

Practicing with your pooch is more than just fun; some places now consider it an act of philanthropy. 

This past weekend, Studio 8 in Huntington, West Virginia, hosted a “Yoga With Your Dog Fundraiser." The event, held in Ritter Park, invited dog owners to stretch and breathe with their canine friends. Instructors of the event advocated the power of yoga to deepen the bond between yogis and their pups, even if your dog already seems fairly zened-out.

The proceeds from the event went on to encourage more animal love, and were donated to Little Victories Animal Rescue. The organization is dedicated to providing homes for injured, abused, and abandoned dogs, and used the yoga event as place to host more adoptions. 

Across the country in Independence, Montana, the Great Plains SPCA held a similar event, “Pose With Pups.” Like Studio 8’s event, the class was held as both a yoga session and an opportunity to showcase adoptable dogs. talks to Stephanie Pugh with the Great Plains SPCA: "An event like this is so important to get our dogs out here walking around so people can see how they actually behave in a normal environment."

As we’ve seen with therapeutic dogs, spending time with canine counterparts can help humans to relax. Adding them to a yoga practice might increase a more zen mindset.

If you own or work at a studio home to a few dog-lovers, consider looking into a partnership with your local SPCA. Hosting such events not only allows humans and their dogs to spend a session together, but it also offers the opportunity for pups to potentially find a new home. 

Besides, there’s nothing cuter than watching your four-legged friends attempt a more literal version of downward dog. 

Amanda kohr

Amanda Kohr is a 24-year-old writer and photographer with a penchant for yoga, food, and travel. She prefers to bathe in the moonlight rather than the sun, and enjoys living in a state of the three C’s: cozy, creative, and curious. When she’s not writing, you can find her driving her VW Bug, looking for the next roadside attraction or family diner. She also roams the Internet via her blog at...READ MORE