Blessed by Multiple Sclerosis: 3 Simple Changes to Beat or Prevent Serious Illness


I was a typical guy when I was in my late 20’s.

I loved sport, but didn’t get my butt moving nearly enough. I loved food, and frequently ate more than my fair share—and the types of food I ate were not exactly what I would call ‘fuel’ for my body.

I had hopes and dreams for my life, of which nearly all were centered around the ultimate goal of having half a dozen zeros to the left of the decimal point on my bank account balance.

It seemed as though I was on track for achieving the Australian dream of owning my own house and enjoying the serenity of Bonnie Doon during my annual holidays, but life was nothing to write home about. In fact, to be totally honest, I was miserable.

Then one sunny day in June 2010, my world came crashing down around me. Much like an avalanche starts as a small volume of tumbling snow before rapidly growing in size and seriousness, when my world came crashing down it started off as a tingle in my fingertips which barely drew my attention. Then, as the hours went by, the tingling slowly spread, engulfing my entire left hand and eventually totally numbing out the feeling sensations of my left arm from the shoulder down.

It took almost two whole months before I finally received a name for the symptoms I was experiencing. It was August 10th 2010 to be exact—some dates you never forget. I was sitting on the scary side of the neurologist’s desk nervously awaiting the verdict following my recent MRI scan.

The neurologist had the MRI image of my brain and spine on his computer screen and was pointing to one of the many spots of inflammation that were responsible for the recent decline of my body. He then delivered the news to me in a sympathetic yet methodical voice, he had done this before.

“Curtis,” he seemingly paused for effect, “You have multiple sclerosis.”

When the neurologist gave me the news I took a couple of deep breaths to stop me from going into shock as the information sunk in. I then composed myself and asked with determination in my voice:

“Right, what are we going to do about it?”

It was quickly implied that there was nothing I could do about it. I was asked to return to his office within a couple of weeks—once the bad news had sunk in—so we could discuss what drugs I was going to inject myself with for the rest of my life in the hope that they would slow the inevitable progression of the disease.

Not being a huge fan of needles, let alone daily needles, I had other ideas for my future. Over the next couple of years my wife Candice and I spent many of our waking hours Googling, reading books and attending health seminars learning all that we could about what causes and cures disease, as well as how to maintain an extraordinary level of health.

We absorbed an immense amount of information and if it seemed logical to us, we implemented it in our lifestyle, without hesitation.

Some of the key changes we continue to include in our lifestyle are:

Reduce Stress:

Stress wrecks all kinds of havoc on our bodies. It not only impairs the healthy function of our organs, but also it prevents us from experiencing peace and happiness and generally enjoying life.

To reduce stress, we maintain a regular practice of yoga and meditation as well as making an effort to keep our awareness in this everlasting moment of ‘right now’.

Yoga plays a special role in our life; each morning after a brisk walk we do a 30-60 minute practice to help create flexibility in our minds and bodies and release any unwanted pent-up energetic, mental and physical blockages that may have been brought forward from the previous day.

Detoxify Our Bodies

Each day we consume detoxifying foods and supplements that grab hold of toxins in our body and carry them out of our bodies, through our elimination organs. Some of the detoxifying foods and supplements we love include:

Activated Charcoal

Bentonite Clay




Vitamin C



Consume Massive Amounts of Nutrition

Fresh-made juices and smoothies are the name of the game here, and the more green, the better. The recommended five veg and two fruits per day just doesn’t cut it for me, because I want to experience long-term vibrant health.

By having a juice or smoothie around breakfast time I will have already consumed more nutrition than many people get in their regular day so beyond that, any fruits and salads I have for lunch, dinner and snacks are just adding to my already substantial nutritional intake for the day.

I’ve made so many changes in my life that I couldn’t list them all here, but in a nutshell I de-stressed and detoxified my life, choosing every morsel of food that I eat by its nutritional value rather than the manufacturer’s marketing campaign.

More than three years later I am now feeling healthier than I ever did in the years leading up to my diagnosis. All I want to do now is share my journey with others because it breaks my heart to see people suffering unnecessarily.

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is one thing, but a deeper wisdom emerged from the experience. I came to realize that the symptoms I was experiencing from the disease were exactly that, symptoms. They weren’t the disease at all; they were sensations my body was producing in response to imbalances in my body.

Symptoms aren’t just in relation to physical illnesses in our bodies, though. While perhaps a runny nose is a symptom from the body eliminating what we refer to as a cold bug, symptoms such as anxiety, fear and anger are usually indicators that there is an imbalance in our minds that we need to address.

None of those symptoms exist if your focus is in the present moment and is trusting of the force of nature to know what is best for your evolutionary journey through life. Only when we think things should be different to how they were, are or may one day be, do we begin to experience unwanted symptoms in the form of uncomfortable emotions and sensations.

Just observe; be a witness to your life and you will experience a joy that cannot be broken regardless of what events may be going on external to yourself.

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