Burlington VT Opens the Latest Airport Yoga Room


Burlington International Airport—following the lead of airports in San Fransisco and Dallas/Fort Worth—now offers a space for the stressed out traveler to get away from it all and meditate, practice some asana or just chill out in their brand new, free to the public yoga room.

In an effort to get travelers to return, the yoga room is just one of the many amenities Burlington International provides—along with free wi-fi, free carts, rocking chairs and local food—that sets the airport apart from others.

Already receiving praise for their efforts, one traveler, who sometimes does yoga out in the open at airports amongst people staring, wrote: "Wow, you made my day! No you made my month!"

“We find that traveling can be stressful so we try to take a little bit of that out,said Eugene Richards, interim director of the Burlington International Airport. “Burlington’s a little different and this kind of goes along with that."

We're pretty sure that the room will be put to good use, especially when Wanderlust returns to Vermont in the summer—wandering yogis from all over the place will be thankful for a place to stretch out and breathe before and after they get on those cramped planes for hours.