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New Music | Eccodek: Singing in Tongues, Listen Here!

“Here’s one of the finest global fusion albums you’ll hear all year.” ~Global A Go-Go Singing in Tongues is the 6th release from Canadian global fusion combo Eccodek, and it delivers their most potent blend of dub, tribalism, electronica and …


Yoga Playlist: Lost in Space

This playlist was inspired by the element of “space” and how it relates to the way we inhabit our bodies and minds. Often many of us are caught in a web of doubting, negative thoughts about our bodies and minds. …

free yoga playlists

YOGANONYMIX | Free downloadable Yoga Playlists!

We are committed to being the most fresh and legit resource for today’s modern day yoga and wellness enthusiast – keeping you in the flow with the most up to date information, news, and updates from the wild world of …

YOGANONYMOUS Vol. 1 - free downloadable playlist!

YOGANONYMOUS Vol. 1 – free downloadable playlist!

Check out this asana kicking playlist compliments of your friends over here at YOGANONYMOUS - yours here for free download. Rock out to his mix during your next yoga practice, hiking, enjoying a run on the beach, partying
it up with your …


10 Vegan & Vegetarian Musicians to Rock You Steady

Did you guys know that World Vegetarian Day is Oct. 1st? Established by the North American Vegetarian Society in 1977 and endorsed by the International Vegetarian Union in 1978, it brings awareness to the ethical, environmental, health and humanitarian benefits …


Yoga Playlist—”Falling Awake”

This playlist was inspired both by the amazing musicians at last weekend’s Tadasana Festival, and my preparations for a Pink Floyd Yoga class I am creating. At Tadasana, I picked up DJ Drez’s latest release Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memories, …

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 1.22.04 PM

5 Music Tips for Sequencing Yoga Class Playlists

Yoga teachers are definitely a new breed of DJ, so the tips below are written to help inspire and guide teachers through the music selection and sequencing process. As CEO and co-founder of Yogi Tunes, my mission is to help …


Yoga Playlist: Impression

This yoga playlist was inspired by me learning to love slowing down. As I cultivate patience in my asana practice I have experimented with more mellow, meditative tracks. While this is common for many teachers, I had never put together …

Music and Yoga

5 Ways Music Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice

I was able to chat with music enthusiast and amazing yoga instructor Jamie Horgan. When I first took one of Jamie’s classes I really connected with her playlist and each sequence seemed to be perfectly choreographed with the music. I …


Bhakti Groove: Summertime Playlist

“Summer’s here and the time is right” for the next installation of an intoxicating Bhakti Groove playlist. If you think the weather is the only thing sweltering and sticky hot, just wait until you pop this mix on! I always …

summer music festival

Sounds of Summer Playlist

I love summer. I love biking around town and enjoying the outdoors. I love how the day light hangs on and each day is full of possibilities. I love all the amazing yoga and music events that take place in …


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