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A Cheat Sheet for Finding Fruits and Veggies in Season: Infographic

It happens more often than you know.

Everyday millions of Americans fall victim to bitter fruits and vegetables that taste like dirt because they are not in season! Help stop produce abuse and share this cheat sheet for finding seasonal healthy eats. Together we can end this food disaster…

“Russell Van Kraayenburg’s Produce Calendars offer a complete guide to seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Each type of produce is rendered as a bar that rings a bullseye. The bullseye visualizes the months and seasons. The length of the bar, and where it falls around the bullseye, reveals when, precisely, a fruit or vegetable is ripest. So here, you see cherries represented by a relatively short bar from May to June. At a glance, then, you know to avoid them–no matter how juicy the lighting at Albertson’s makes them seem–until spring rolls around. Granted, it’s not a beautiful chart and it’s not particularly easy to read–just a simple Gant chart would have been better–but there’s a dearth of tools like this one.” (thanks

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