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Coconut Milk + Rawtella | A Delicious Raw-Vegan Treat

Check out the latest episode of Pillow Talk AND the recipe found in the video below! YUM!

Raw Coconut Milk Recipe

Yields: 2 cups milk

You will need:

½ cup dried shredded coconut

2 cup purified water

2 dates, soaked

Sea Salt

Remove pits from the dates and soak in a small cup of water for half an hour.  This will soften your dates up proper!

Place two cups water, dried coconut and soaked dates in blender.  Add a couple of dashes of sea salt, to taste, and blend on high. Let the blender run for 1-2 minutes. Strain liquid through “nut milk bag” (aka paint strainer, which can be purchased at hardware a store for a couple dollars). Squeeze the pulp to release as much liquid as possible into a bowl.

To make sweeter you can add stevia, coconut palm sugar or more dates. Stored in a sealed container in the fridge, your coconut milk will last up to five days… This recipe is great to substitute in smoothies, tea- wherever milk is used homies!

Pillow Talk is the brainchild of Lisa Paris and her sassy cohort: Pillow. Check out the smash hit web series for healthy recipes, products and interviews… you won’t even know what hit ya….



A lifelong fan of broccoli, Lisa Paris discovered vibrant living through diet and has rocked the lifestyle ever since. Lisa helps people attain the super sexy glow that comes from a diet high in raw food, fresh juices and organic, unprocessed grub. LP gets down with the gangsta greens on her site and her show Pillow Talk, providing accessible information on clean, organic diets and dope living. Lisa currently lives in NewYork City where she is available as a nutritional advisor and personal chef. Check her out at | Twitter @RawBeets

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