Colin Farrell Loves Yoga, Here's Why


One of our YOGANONYMOUS Facebook fans recently left a comment on our Britney Spears yoga post asserting that yoga should be a prerequisite for all of Tinsel Town's stars and starlets.

We think so too. And if taming bad-boy actor Colin Farrell isn't a testament to the crazy amazing benefits of developing a yoga practice, well then we aren't sure what is. Not to mention the cred he gives to our beloved practice for helping him to continue to look so...good. "It's fun. I do it every day, as much as I can," Colin told Access Hollywood on Tuesday.


When asked what it is about yoga that won him over & captured his attention, he explained that he digs how yoga is all about the body—his words, not ours, don't shoot the messenger ;) . "I love being in a class with students - 30 or 40 people all moving in unison," he said. "It's very easy to live where you remain in your head... and you're concerned about various things and constantly contemplating and so on and so forth, so it takes you out of your head for a while and just puts you back into your body." Mr. Farrell is the most recent Hollywood alum in a long line of Celebri-Yogis who have taken a liking to the practice we all know and love. May the force be with you Colin.


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