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Confessions of a Deadbeat Wife | Can Trips to the Grocery Store Lead to Transformation?

Why is it so easy to power through a day of teaching/practicing Yoga, Pilates, or other fitness classes, but so difficult sometimes to go to the grocery store or think about planning and executing a simple meal?

Every now and then my husband has to have “the talk” with me. We’ve been together over 20 years and married for 13. He definitely knows how I am and what he was getting into. I admit I used to be better when we lived in the suburbs and drove a car to the grocery store. It was easy to just load up & buy a ton of stuff then think later how we wanted to put it all together. Now, living in various cities the last several years have really presented me with a new challenge. The challenge of walking or riding my bike to and from teaching 15 classes a week plus my own personal practice leaves not that much time or should I say desire to then walk back out to get the damn groceries. After all, we always have time for what’s most important to us right? I know, I know…just pair the grocery trip after a class on the way home. That’s a great idea, but I’m usually hungry, tired, already have some sort of heavy bag with me and forget about even thinking about a shower or trying to do something different with my hair besides the “maybe if I leave it in a pony tail it won’t look as greasy” look.

Yes I try to keep some sort of bar in my bag for the post-class snack so that if I do make it to Trader Joe’s I’m not ravaging the shelves in some sort of feeding frenzy then later having to stop on the way home to drop the bags and take a break while thinking “why did I buy all this crap at once?!” Because I was in a post-class hunger trance, that’s why (hence the Garlic & Parmesan Pita & Everything Bagel Chips). Let’s face it, some days I’m just lucky to get myself out the door without having to sprint to class and maybe, just maybe do I remember my water bottle!

How do some of you do it with kids? I really don’t get it!

A natural response might be “Why can’t your husband do the groceries?”

He too is a sports enthusiast and in the summer was cycling 250 miles to and from work per week. Now with the colder weather he’s doing the train/carpool combo making his commute about 3 hours a day. Let’s just say given that he works 50 hours a week at a high stress job while I work less than 20 teaching Yoga & Pilates there’s really no feeling sorry for me! I’m just a deadbeat. That’s all there is to it and admitting it is the first step towards recovery. I don’t cook (although I like to when the ingredients are handy), I clean some, but it’s certainly no hobby. I do laundry once a week (hey, there’s a plus).  While I’m thinking about the positives…I do juice several times a week. That’s huge! Doesn’t that balance out some of the not so greats?

Let me make this clear. I’m not looking for pity. I’m simply voicing a frustration…a challenge I struggle with… another step towards finding that balance that we at YOGANONYMOUS seek. I figure there’s probably others out there like me who’d rather sweat it out on the mat hours than set foot in a freezing cold grocery store that plays hideous music while some unsavory character touches your veggies…no I got it, thanks! [Disclaimer – that was NOT a Trader Joe’s reference].

So, thanks for listening. Who would have thought the path of transformation would include trips to the grocery store?

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