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Erica Mather



Erica Mather, E-RYT 200, has been teaching yoga in New York City since 2006. She teaches at the Wanderlust Festival, Kripalu, and will appear 2012 at the Bali Spirit Festival; she was featured in the New York Times (July 31st, 2011), and contributes writing to the Elephant Journal. Erica studies yoga with Ana Forrest, is a certified Forrest Yoga instructor and Forrest Yoga Guardian. She teaches intelligent, challenging classes that will appeal to those interested in learning about the body, alignment, and how to create space for the growth of the spirit in a body transformed by the asana practice. Erica also is interested in the path of personal evolution, vlogs about it ( and supports clients in their personal growth goals through yoga and coaching.

Articles By Erica Mather

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Watch | The Practice: Nauli or “Stomach Churning”

This is the most advanced of what I call “the stomach Kriyas”—Uddiyana, Agni Sara, and then finally, Nauli. Please reference my Uddiyana video to get the basic action happening, and to reference contraindications. I teach this in four basic steps. …


The Practice | Warrior I with Erica Mather (video inside)

Welcome to The Practice. Here we will address certain technicalities of yoga poses. But first, I’d like to wax poetic about “practice” itself. I love having a practice. I’ve had one of some sort or another my whole life. For …