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Maya Devi Georg



Maya Devi Georg is a yoga teacher, writer and editor at and writer for Yoganonymous. She is also the co-founder and co-director of MahaLakshmi Yoga School and its Teacher Training Programs. She has studied with Swami Bua, Swami Jnanand, and Yogi Gupta (among many other amazing teachers). Studying since 1999, and teaching since 2002, she has also lead teacher trainings since 2004. She currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany with her partner Chris Kourtinatos, and their dog Spitha Canis.

Articles By Maya Devi Georg


2 Ways To Live Yoga & Change The World

The United States Supreme Court just ruled that spending money is covered by our first amendment right to freedom of speech. And while this ruling is problematic, money can certainly be a vehicle for change. As L.N. Smith wrote in …

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Karma 101: Everything You Thought You Knew Explained

I remember someone once posting an internet meme on my Facebook wall that read: ‘Karma Is Only A Bitch If You Are!’ Of course, everyone thought he was calling me a bitch. Okay,  he was calling me a bitch. I …

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Ethical Clothing For Ethical Yogis

I recently called for a boycott of Lululemon. I did it because I felt that the corporate face of yoga should adhere to some small part of yoga philosophy. But as I researched the company I realized that their business …

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Recipe | Winter is Coming: Agni Soup to The Rescue!

    Winter is Coming… And more than just a gratuitous Game of Thrones reference, winter is quickly approaching, bringing with it an assortment of bugs, colds, sniffles, chills, aches, and the flu. Whenever I feel run-down, or when any sickness is …

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Fame: The Ego Addiction

When did teaching 300 people yoga from atop a stage, never moving among students but remaining separate and above them, become normal? When did performing asana demonstrations with light shows and live music in front of drunken crowds, and writing …


Yoga Is Inherently Feminist

buy steroids Yoga is inherently feminist And by feminist, I really mean humanist. The first yoga teacher was Shiva. The first student was Parvati. It was a lowly fish that overheard the teaching and carried it to humanity. This represents …


The Yoga Police ~ Chris Courtney & Maya Devi Georg

Recently we’ve been accused of being the yoga police. These responses came from two posts calling attention to the trashification of yoga while calling for discernment. While theses articles were called angry and judgmental, they reflected our heartbreak over the …