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Recovering Yogi



Far from the land of meaningless manifestation, vacuous positivity, and boring yogaspeak lives Recovering Yogi, the voice of the pop spirituality counterculture and an irreverent forum where yogis, ex-yogis, never-yogis, writers, and readers converge to burst the bubble of sanctimonious rhetoric. We are critical thinkers and people who just love to laugh. Visit us on our web site at to join the discussion or buy a t-shirt.

Articles By Recovering Yogi

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Watch | How to be a Yoga Instagram Star

Can’t do handstand yet? What kind of yogi are you, anyway? About the Author: Lys Riley has been trying to make people laugh since she’s been able to talk. Her YouTube channel, LysMonkey, was created to share her stories with …

Treenuh Yoga seated forward fold fat yoga teacher

The Fat Yoga Teacher

Do you think I am fat? If I were in front of you in typical yoga spandex, would you judge me? I wanted to use my own body as my art piece to start a conversation about identity, self-image and …


My Meditation Sucks

This post was written by Stephanie Carter. I believe in meditation. I teach it, I recommend it, and I practice it—just not as much as I used to. And when I do practice, my mind is so busy you’d think …


I Did Enough Yoga to Hate Myself

I thought yoga was going to be all fun and games. I followed a cute chick into a classroom one day because she smiled at me. I know I had other plans for the day, but I’ve always reserved the …