D.C. Conference Focuses on Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Are you located in the Washington, D.C. metro area? If so, head to the third annual National Kids Yoga Conference starting Friday, September 30, for a weekend of yoga for kids

The kid-focused event will feature experts from the fields of exercise, youth empowerment, and mind-body wellness—and a few celebrity guests, including former Washington Redskins linebacker Chris Draft, Spark author John Ratey, and Girls on the Run founder Molly Barker.

Rounding out National Yoga Month, the National Kids Yoga Conference, the brainchild of local organizations YoKid and lil omm, was created as a way to create a space that inspired action, collective connection, and meaningful conversations around yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for kids. The conference is dedicated to bringing yoga to kids, beginning as soon as possible. The classes and workshops offered during the weekend make a point to focus on how educators and social workers can integrate yoga into schools back in their respective communities. 

Conference co-founder Michelle Kelsey Mitchell, who also founded YoKid, said this of the conference: “Across the country, leaders are doing incredible work bringing the health benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation into our communities. Kids and teens are learning how to de-stress, focus their minds and develop greater self-awareness. Educators, mental health professionals, parents, and yoga teachers are seeing the benefits of social-emotional learning, physical movement, and wellness programs taught at all ages. The National Kids Yoga Conference unifies this work through an inspiring, collaborative, professional conference, which will propel our movement forward and deepen our impact.”

This weekend's event will offer anyone who is involved in working with children, including educators, school administrators, counselors, mental health practitioners, social workers, yoga teachers, and studio owners with hands-on workshops on the business of yoga and teaching yoga to kids, as well as opportunities to learn from nationally and globally renowned kids yoga experts, thought leaders, and groundbreaking presenters. The leaders of the conference hope that through this event, they will create a space to expand the conversation about how yoga and mindfulness helps improve children's mental, emotional, and physical health. It is the goal of the creators for every child to have access to these types of preventative health skills during the school day.

Click here to learn more about the conference, and let us know if you went in the comments below!


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