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The Shortest Diet Book Ever Written by Kurt Johnsen

I had the pleasure of producing a FM health radio show for almost two years.

As producer I booked many of the guests we had on air each week. Ninety percent of all the guests were authors trying to publicize their books and the vast majority of their books had to do with diet.

The variety of different takes on a healthy diet was amazing, every thing from the low carb to South Beach to the Road Kill diet. Yes, road kill, possums and stuff. In fact I still remember that author well, because I used his mic after he left and I must say his breath had a very… distinctive odor.

Anyway, over the years I have been asked to write about a proper diet and I have hesitated because it would be too short. So, here is, for the first time, my book on diet.

What to Eat by Kurt Johnsen


All the energy on this planet comes from the sun. We can’t get our energy directly from the sun because we lack chlorophyll and cannot perform photosynthesis. So we have two options, we can either take in energy from the things that can photosynthesize or we can get it from the things that eat the things that can photosynthesize.

Plants and Animals

Knowing where energy comes from should naturally draw you to the most direct and therefore most efficient source of energy. Simply stated that would be first plants and then animals. Evolution clearly shows us what proportions to eat plants and animals by the types of teeth we have developed. A quick glance will show that the vast majority of our teeth are designed to cut and mash fruits and vegetables. Only a small portion is designed to tear away meat of any sort. It looks like about 80% plants to 20% animal.

What to Avoid

The farther away you get from the source of energy the more problematic the food. So, if you can’t recognize where it came from, don’t eat it. Imagine an apple, you can see the source in your head easily, a nice tree some where. OK, now imagine an Oreo; though some may dream of an Oreo tree, they don’t exist. If you really try to see the source you would be looking at a large factory. Not a lot of the suns energy there.


Health is a choice and you are quite literally what you eat.

Eat Well. Be Well. ~ Kurt




Kurt Johnsen started on his path in 1981 when he first began practicing yoga. He continued to grow his knowledge and skill in several physical and mental disciplines, including Tai Chi Chuan and the Lightning Fire Mountain system of Tibetan Kung Fu with friend and mentor, Roger Stainbrook. Learning how these systems could help him grow, engage, and focus his energy has served him well as he has moved through life and all the many challenges and opportunities it can present.

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