Dress to Feel Good, Not to Look Good

Think about it, when a woman is trying on wedding dresses, her friends and family always ask her, “Well, how do you feel in it? Do you feel like a bride?

”But what if we asked that question to ourselves every time we got dressed? In other words, what if we knew how we wanted to feel every single day and applied that to when we got dressed? What if we asked ourselves, “Does this make me feel how I want to feel? Do I feel good in it? Do I feel like me in this?”

And that’s just another example of how the Desire Map’s core desired feeling lifestyle approach fits into pretty much everything in your life!

Here’s the thing, knowing how you want to feel on a deep level is like having a compass with you at all times pointing you in the direction of where you want to go. So why would it be any different than with the way you dress your body and present yourself to the world? In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure to “look good” but what about “feeling good?” And no, I’m not saying that this is permission to always dress in yoga pants and loose fitting shirts just because they’re cozy (although I totally get it), but I am saying that you should ultimately feel good about how you look and feel in the clothing choices that you make. 

The goal of desire mapping is to feel good and be in alignment with yourself, so I invite you to take that premise and apply it directly to your wardrobe! Who needs a personal stylist when you know exactly the kind of look you’re going for based on how you want to feel?

Here’s an example: say I work with a woman via Desire Map 1:1 coaching, and through the seven-week journey we discover that her core desired feelings are feminine, easy breezy, radiant, and free. In other words, this is how she wants to feel every single day. So she could apply this to her style and think, “Does the way I dress make me feel the way I want to feel?” 

It’s pretty ironic, but a lot of the times when women discover how they truly want to feel, they realize all the things in their life that actually don’t make them feel that way at all. It can be a sobering moment, but the beauty in that is that now you are aware, now you can make changes and start feeling good. So, again, if your core desired feelings were feminine, easy breezy, radiant, and free, then maybe you’de realize that your closet is full of pieces that don't light you up; that make you feel frumpy, heavy, boring, and constricted.

So what do you do? You start dressing in flowy dresses, you wear brighter colors, you keep your makeup simple, maybe you trade in black work pumps for a cute ballet flat.Your style reflects your inner Truth. Your style makes you feel feminine, easy breezy, radiant, and free!

And I promise you, when you start dressing based on how you want to feel, rather than just keeping up with trends, you’ll find shopping a whole lot more enjoyable, and you might even save some money by being super focused while you shop! 

Happy styling! 

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Photo: Kadri Kurgun

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