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Fly High: Inversions and Arm Balances With Allison English

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Fly High: Inversions and Arm Balances With Allison English
Friday, October 19th | 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Yoga Now - Chicago, IL

Come and enjoy an ALL LEVELS exploration of inverting and arm balancing. These poses are unique in the way they allow us to physically embody, play with and reshape forces in our lives that tend to drag us down. You will learn how to not only get into and approach arm balances and inversions from a variety of angles and for every level of practitioner, but also how these poses relate to navigating the energy patterns in your life in a more uplifting and fascinating way. Please know that “ALL LEVELS” means that appropriate modifications will be given for beginner students, pregnant students, intermediate/advanced students and those with injuries or special circumstances. This workshop is geared to help everyone learn about these incredibly exhilarating poses!

About Your Teacher

Allison English is a certified Forrest Yoga Instructor and national yoga presenter. She is the former National Manager of Education and Content for Pure Yoga Teacher Training and Faculty Teacher Trainer at Pure Yoga. She has completed over 1000 hours of training through the Foundation and Advanced Forrest Yoga Teacher Certification Programs. She was voted “Best Yoga Instructor – Chicago” in 2008 and has regularly appeared in publications, blogs, and fundraising events as a leading yoga instructor in the Chicago community and around the country. Continuing to advance her teaching skills and intensify her personal practice, she regularly travels around the United States to attend and assist workshops, teacher trainings, and intensive practices with her master teacher Ana Forrest.

Allison’s classes focus on connecting to the strength of the core, deepening the flow and energy of the breath, and realizing the power of a yoga practice to transform her students in mind, body and Spirit. She has experience teaching to a wide variety of levels, assessing physical limitations, and tailoring yoga to prevent and treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. Compassionately constructed pose sequences in combination with guided breath-work and expert hands-on adjustments will take you on a fantastic journey through the joys of a yoga practice – awakening your senses, opening new space in your body and enlivening your Spirit.

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