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200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training With Gina Caputo, Bethany Orheim

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The Details

Join Bindu Yoga for a comprehensive and empowering journey into a dynamic and integrative approach to learning, living and teaching the diverse elements of Yoga. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a somatic, transformational and spirit-filled practice that bridges the connection from the ordinary to the sacred through an energetic and intentional exploration of the flow of Prana (life-force) and of fully embodying our highest intentions and greatest potential.

The 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Certification

This Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Program is appropriate for both aspiring teachers and committed yogis who seek to delve into the full range of yogic experience and gain a thorough understanding of this evolving, rich body of knowledge and how to transmit it via Prana-focused Vinyasa Flow Yoga.This program will empower teachers with a broad and deep base from which to live and teach the flow of Yoga to all with skill, creativity,intelligence and authenticity.

Upon completion of required contact hours, projects and readings you will have experienced and learned a broad spectrum of yogic subject matter that will empower and inspire you. You will also be eligible for Yoga Alliance Registration at the level you have completed.

The Bindu Yoga 200-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Program provides an opportunity to profoundly deepen your experience and understanding of Yoga. While this is the place for anyone interested in or new to teaching to start, you don’t necessarily need to be teaching or even planning to teach to participate. You will need to complete an application prior to acceptance into the program.


Module 1: Roots
Thurs, Aug 23 – Sun, Aug 26

Module 2: Pathways
Thurs, Sept 20 – Sun Sept 23

Module 3: Embodiment
Thurs, Oct 18 – Sun, Oct 21

Module 4: Generation
Thurs, Nov 1 – Sun, Nov 4

Module 5: Transmission
Thurs, Nov 15 – Sun, Nov 18

About Your Teachers

Gina Caputo
Gina’s passionate and inspirational style of teaching is a balanced fusion of informed, flow-style yoga with attention to healthy, energetic alignment, spiritual intention and humor. She came to the mat from the office chair and so has a keen ability to really speak to the modern-day householder yogi. She is a supportive, empathetic teacher known for her clear and playful style of encouraging you to fearlessly navigate your edge, open your heart and boldly dive in!

“Gina Caputo loves yoga with a passion rarely seen. She is incredibly smart, sensitive, and alive with inspiration. A gifted teacher.” – Max Strom

She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500) through Yoga Alliance. In addition, she has teacher certifications from Shiva ReaMax Strom and Erich Schiffmann. Her greatest learning experiences came in the traditional manner of teacher / student apprenticeships with both Shiva Rea and Max Strom to whom she offers deep, humble pranams for their trust and confidence. She gratefully continues to study with Shiva Rea, creator of Prana Flow® Yoga and is a Teacher Trainer & Teacher Mentor in Prana Flow® teacher trainings, retreats and workshops around the country and internationally.

Bethany Orheim
Bethany is a devout student and teacher of Prana Flow Yoga and the owner of Bindu Yoga Studio. Bethany’s teaching style is inspired by her life’s experience of living near the ocean and studying yoga for the past ten years. Bethany offers a liberated, dynamic approach to yoga and intuitively guides her students to surrender to pure consciousness while allowing the ecstatic wave of breath and movement to harmonize within the physical body.

Bethany is deeply honored to assist her teacher, Prana Flow Goddess, Shiva Rea in workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings around the world. She has deepened her understanding of the lineage of yoga by completing certifications in Prana Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Pre-Post Natal, Yoga Trance Dance, and Ayurveda.

Bethany embodies the teachings of flow and brings incredible love, passion, and healing into each sadhana. She gracefully invites her students to treat each asana as a mudra, and to find balance between intense strength and complete surrender while remaining open to the limitless possibilities of Prana.


Gina is an extraordinary teacher – powerful, passionate and loving. I emerged from her training feeling empowered and solidly rooted on the path she illuminated! ~ Kirsten G.

Gina’s vibrant teaching style and creative sequencing are just two ways you recognize both her passion for living and to educate the next generation of yoga teachers. You can get a bland 200 hour teacher training anywhere, but why? Her teaching style is captivating, organized, and leaves you tingling with potential! ~ Sharon P.

Anyone considering taking Gina’s teacher training offering should know that they will be taking part in an extraordinary learning experience filled with opportunity for personal growth. One cannot help but be fully engaged by Gina’s depth and breadth of knowledge and her passion for the sacred practice of yoga. ~ James C.

Gina Caputo’s Teacher Trainings have most depth and organization of any workshop or training I have ever taken. She has the rare ability to be clear, knowledgeable and deeply dedicated to the transmission process while still being completely authentic and fun ~ I feel this is unique to Gina and the world of teacher trainings. ~ Sarah K.

Bethany is a bright beautiful ray of sunshine, both on and off her yoga mat. Her inspirational teaching style is a wonderful combination of yogic philosophy, graceful flow, and challenging asana. She truly embodies the very essence of LIVING YOGA, & inspires all those around her to do the same. I feel truly blessed to study Prana Flow Yoga with Bethany. She is AMAZING! ~ Questa

Bethany is a beautiful and talented individual that just happens to be an amazing yoga instructor. She teaches with compassion, non judgment and gentle encouragement. I felt motivated to take my practice to new dimensions with her instruction. Her knowledge of yoga is immense. Classes with her are a blissful experience and her private instruction teaches you more than you think possible! ~Lindsey

Bethany has been a wonderful goddess and teacher in my life. I can talk about her classes and teachings in yoga, where she provides an amazing space for her students to learn, reflect, grow and fully immerse, but there is so much more. Her teachings go beyond her dynamic, full-spectrum sequencing and yoga asana. Bethany has a beautiful energy that radiates all around her. She walks through life living yoga, inspiring and empowering everyone who crosses her path. Bethany naturally guides you to connect to your strength by reminding you it is always there. Thank you, Bethany, for all your beauty and for inspiring me to always show up for myself. ~ Che

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