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Radiant Body Yoga – A Transformational Journey to the Heart of You With Kia Miller

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Join Kia Miller for Radiant Body Yoga – A Transformational Journey to the Heart of You at Esalen Institute in breathtaking Big Sur, CA: August 12th – 19th.

In one week, we process as much information as our ancestors 100 years ago did in their entire lives.   How can we find a way to elevate ourselves each day so that rather than reacting to the immense demands of life, we respond from a place of consciousness and grace?  Yoga and Meditation are the technologies which have become ever more applicable to these stressful modern times. 

Radiant Body Yoga focuses on revitalizing one’s energy, calming the fluctuations of the mind and connecting with the divine.  In this exciting and comprehensive workshop Kia shares her deep experience and love of yoga providing keys to thriving in these turbulent times.  Participants will explore ancient yogic teachings that have been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years.  We will practice Vinyasa Flow to open and strengthen the body as well as Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to shift through energetic blockages and build vitality and awareness.   

Take this ‘time out of time’ to rejuvenate yourself in the healing waters of Esalen, connect with like minded individuals, and establish a practice that will enable you to touch and experience your True Self and connect to your neutral mind and purpose.  This workshop is for anyone looking for a toolbox for elevation, ways to excel in life, and to be a ‘lighthouse’ for all those around you.  All levels welcome.

About Your Teacher

Kia Miller has spent two decades studying, practicing and teaching yoga throughout the world. Kia teaches at YogaWorks in Los Angeles and leads several of their 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs each year.  Trained in both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Kia offers an inspiring and powerful combination of asana, breath, meditation and chanting that leaves students uplifted and empowered.

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