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Meet Your Feet Workshop at the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference With Leeann Carey

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Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference | October 25th – 28th | Indian Wells, CA

Join the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference for an inspiring gathering of Yoga teachers unlike any other. The Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference is designed by and for Yoga teachers. Its intent is to enhance teacher’s Yoga knowledge and teaching so that they may better transmit this knowledge to their students. It is your chance, as teachers, to invigorate a lifelong study of Yoga with peers in a warm and collaborative environment. It is Yoga Alliance’s belief that the greatest teacher of Yoga is not a small group of individuals, but the entire collective community. As such, the conference highlights emerging leaders from the community by selecting session presenters from Yoga Alliance’s active Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs). This model proved to be a success last year in providing an exceptional learning environment for all and Yoga Alliance looks forward to doing the same in 2012!

Meet Your Feet Workshop With Leeann Carey

The feet are a masterpiece of the anatomy. One quarter of our bodies bones are in the feet.
Each foot, composed of some of the smallest bones in the body and 20 muscles, work together to support the entire weight of the body and to move it through space. In this class you will:

* Get acquainted with our feet through a quick self-study of touch and massage.

* Learn and practice heel and ankle stretching and stabilizing exercises for the heel, ankle, and foot.

* Discover relationships between the feet, forelegs & pelvis through simple and complex

* Explore a yoga practice that integrates this new understanding.

The class will bring a deeper meaning to “putting your best foot forward” as you feel balance and move with a new awareness of your feet. And it’s a lot of fun!

About Your Teacher

Leeann Carey is the creator and founder of the Leeann Carey Yoga School, and Yapana Yoga, a Yoga Alliance registered school providing inspired continuing yoga education for teachers in studios, wellness, fitness and athletic facilities. Her eclectic blend of yoga appeals to a wide range of students, from beginners to professional athletes, and was forged over many years of study with leading teachers including Kofi Busia, Donna Farhi, Eric Schiffmann and Judith Lasater.

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