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Yoga With Weights With Sherri Baptiste

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Join Sherri Baptiste September 23 – 28 at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies!

Are you looking for a better way to achieve overall fitness and personal well-being—physically, mentally, and spiritually? Try Yoga With Weights.

Guided by Sherri Baptiste, author of Yoga With Weights for Dummies, you learn how to add a little bit of weight at the right time and in the right place to a set of yoga movements. As you apply deep breathing with each weight-bearing exercise, you build core stability, improve balance, and increase bone density, along with keeping muscles and joints limber and active.

Through the slow, controlled practice of Yoga With Weights, you:

Stimulate metabolism through active breath, increased weight bearing, and movements

Increase strength, flexibility, and stamina

Exercise, tone, and shape your body

Maximize your workout potential for quicker results

Throughout the week, you learn warm-up exercises, seated exercises, standing exercises, and floor exercises. You take home an inspiring practice that will restore your energy, help you relax, and keep you looking and feeling your best.

No experience with yoga or weights is necessary and people of all fitness levels are welcome.

About Sherri Baptiste

Sherri Baptiste, author of Yoga With Weights for Dummies, is a yoga and fitness expert and the founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, a nationally recognized yoga method. Her inclusive teaching style makes fitness accessible to everyone, offering depth, inspiration, and dynamic results.


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