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OneYogaUSA Dallas Yoga Conference & Music Fest

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The Details

The mission of OYUSA Dallas Yoga Conference + Music Fest is to create a global shift
in consciousness, advocate yoga as a dynamic art form that supports yoga as a way of
life and develop yogis into well-versed yoga teachers through the One Yoga Training
Program with SEVA at the core of its mission. Using SEVA (selfless service to the community and the environment), we encourage yoga enthusiasts to unite on common
ground to share information, styles of yoga and unique talent. This year’s theme is

The conference allows you to meet our teachers and feel the OYUSA mission to celebrate
the heartbeat of yoga which is exploration and SEVA. Add your SEVA project or event
at today! It’s free!

Year 2012 is the inaugural year for the OneYogaUSA Dallas Yoga Conference + Music Fest at UT Arlington September 14-16, 2012!

Hosted by OneYogaUSA Training Programs: a 300 | 500 | 1000 Hour Program.

Enjoy camping, yoga classes, lectures, master intensives, and concerts from many
widely respected yogis and talented musicians bringing together yoga, kirtan, Bhakti and
conscious communities. Creative, green and local vendors + donation-based lunch tickets
bring an OMazing weekend full of fun and some spectacular novelty shopping!

OYUSA Dallas Yoga Conference + Music Fest is a unique interactive experience! Live
Painters in classrooms interpret the festival through art! Musicians play live music during
yoga classes.

Rod Stryker ~ Micheline Berry ~ Renu Namjoshi ~ Sean Johnson ~ Raghunath ~ Giselle Mari ~ Hemalayaa Behl ~ Eric Shaw ~ Rara Avis ~ Julie Byrd ~ Jennifer Buergermeister ~ Marizol Cabrera ~ Sheri Cherokee ~ Kimberly Hardick ~ Kurt Johnsen ~ Adri Kyser ~ Zoe Mantarakis ~ Laura King ~ Lisa Ware ~ Desert Dwellers ~ Shaman’s Dream ~ Paradiso and Rasamayi ~ Bhakti House Band ~ Kenny Kolter ~ Action Required Now Global Muscians ~ The Sound and the Meaning ~

and many more talented presenters!

The ways are many, but just as in the light, the yoga is one! Together we are ONE YOGA!

OYUSA will plant a tree for every ticket sold!
Sponsored by Namaste Light

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