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Part 2 Teacher’s Immersion: Fluid Power + Chakra Vinyasa With Shiva Rea

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Deepen your practice and expand your knowledge with Shiva Rea in her signature Part 2 Teacher’s Immersion: Fluid Power + Chakra Vinyasa, May 18th – 27th at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California.

Fluid Power ~Sequencing and Practices for Liberating the Flow ~

Calling all those adventurers willing to dive into the flow and integrate a liberating, philosophically and physiologically grounded approach to fluid movement and flow into their practice and teaching.

Morning practices are fertile, creative explorations that catalyze afternoon and evening interactive practicums and discussions.

During the week we will focus on:

•Development of class openings and mini-vinyasas for beginning and mixed-level classes that cultivate wave motion and fluid body

•Four energy based vinyasa flow sequences for developing your own effective and creative flows for teaching

•Integration of mantra, pranayama, chanting and music to release the vibratory song of the body

•understanding of the fluid/pranic body for balancing and healing the stresses of life in the twenty-first century

•Accessible exploration of yogic philosophy through the celebrated tantric texts, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and Spanda Karikas, as well as poetry to deepen the living connection to prana-shakti, life force

•Micro-meditations to stay connected to the flow while living yoga

Come learn Shiva’s fluid, dynamic approaches to yoga, movement, and healing and participate in the creative quantum intelligence that guides our evolution from within as a natural path to freedom.

Chakra Vinyasa~Liberating the Body Mandala ~

Experience an integrative approach to the chakra system within vinyasa and the flow of life. Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the chakra system and yogic body, we will develop a transformative approach to the body mandala – - the divine container of our interconnectedness within ourSelf, experiences, relationships and nature. The week will be devoted to traditional practices, innovative explorations, inward reflection, dynamic morning vinyasa sadhana and integrating specific and creative tools for transformative teaching and living of yoga.

Creative morning practices will give experiential grounding to the afternoon sessions, which will focus on:

* five essential elemental-chakra based vinyasa sequences that integrate an energetic approach to asana, pranayama, mudra, chanting and movement meditation.

* Learning to teach four sun salutations or namaskars dedicated to the elements- chakras to integrate into your teaching.

* theory and application for awakening the yogic body of the marma (108 vital energy points in the body); the nadis (energy channels), the seven primary chakras; the five elements; and the movements of prana

Essential marma points for self-massage and activation during asana practice

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