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Part I Teacher’s Immersion: Embodying the Flow + Mandala of Asanas With Shiva Rea

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World-renowned yoga instructor Shiva Rea leads her signature Part I Teacher’s Immersion: Embodying the Flow + Mandala of Asanas at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA – July 18th – 25th.

Embodying the Flow~

Foundational Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training.  Deepen your personal practice as a laboratory for exploring the creative potential of vinyasa. Take this opportunity to learn tools for teaching vinyasa, and enlivening the flow of your classes.

You will learn:

•The philosophical roots of Vinyasa Yoga and the embodiment of tantric hatha yoga

•Bandhas and ten different Sun Salutations

•Energetic alignment

•Shiva’s wave theory of sequencing the ritual arc of the class

•How to create the sutra or theme of the class through movement meditations, krama (stages of asanas), and bhava (inner state)

•Creative and effective sequencing of four different vinyasa series

•Shiva’s alchemical movement mixes with live musicians and yoga trance dance

•Living yoga with an understanding of your personal sadhana and sva dharma, or service to the world.

Essential Tools for Teaching Flow: Energentic Alignment, Hands-on Assists, + Vinyasa Krama Sequences for 108 Asanas~

Learn the energetic alignment of yoga asanas based upon an integrated understanding of the movements of prana, lines of energy, relationship of opposites in the body and how to open and strengthen the core structures of embodiment from head to toe, skin to subtle body. We will work with the family tree of asanas and see how the alignment of the main asanas from the core energetics which evolve and branch from the primary pattern. We will learn to teach five primary alignment actions in any pose including foot patterns, spiral actions of the legs, position of the pelvis, spinal alignment and support of the neck.

The goal is to have an interrelated understanding of this energetic alignment, actions, functions, and somatic qualities of a base of 108 postures from which to sequence vinyasa combinations with skill, effectiveness, fluency, and creativity. Applying Shiva’s three-part vinyasa methodology to the standing poses, backbends, arm balances, core abdominals, forward bends and hip openers, twists and inversions as a base for more complex sequencing.

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