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Buenos Aires Yoga & Tango Retreat With Ashley Turner

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The Details

A Celebration of Love, Sensuality + Joy.

Yoga. Dance. Travel. Eat. Drink. Laugh. Love. Experience the senses!

Tango + Tantra = SEXY

In yoga, we experience our body as it moves and unwinds, our breath as it sweeps in and out, a stillness of attention while our temperature rises. Dancing, too, is a sensual experience of unraveling the body and liberating the mind. Through the pulsing of movement and breath, we connect deeply back to ourselves, our surroundings and each other.

And what surroundings!! Buenos Aires is one of the most sensual cities on Earth. And there is no dance more connected to the heartbeat of a city than Tango is to breathtaking Buenos Aires.

Practice yoga daily, breathe in the Buenos Aires heat and move to the rhythm of Tango. We’ll combine the focus of yoga with the precision of Tango, in the city where it all began for the fullest awakening of the senses.

Be prepared for everything we do to be utter BLISS!

About Ashley

Ashley Turner, M.A. is a yoga/meditation instructor, writer and therapist/life-coach in private practice based in Los Angeles and New York. Recently, named “Who’s Who in Power Yoga” by Yoga Journal for the 2nd year in a row, Ashley has the unique ability to rigorously challenge, inspire and nurture students simultaneously. On the faculty at Kripalu, she also co-leads Teacher Trainings at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia and is producing a “LIVE” yoga DVD series. Spotlighted as a mind-body expert in numerous print and online publications including Outside magazine, Women’s Health, Hampton’s, Whole Life, Yoga Journal, Health and GAIA NY, Ashley is also a spokesperson for Zobha clothing line. She recently designed a limited-edition line of custom yoga mats available at and is a featured teacher on Gaiam/Lime TV’s

With a Master’s in Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, she is a passionate leader in the synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophy, known for her intelligent fusion of spirituality, psychology and modern science. Inspired by a year-long Priestess training, Ashley incorporates Feminine Spirituality, Tantra, Advaita Vedanta and Insight Meditation into her multi-dimensional practice. Dedicated to guiding clients beyond the pull of opposites to a more truthful, joyful way of life, her discerning clientele includes renowned musicians, models, Hollywood creatives and distinguished business leaders. She consults companies, couples and individuals, lectures in academic settings, leads transformative workshops and retreats worldwide.

For more information about Ashley, visit her website:

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