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Yoga & Addiction Recovery: A Celebration of Life

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Join Nikki MyersNoah Levine,  Rolf Gates,  Tommy Rosen  &  Heidi Sormaz as they bring together the ancient tools and practices of yoga and meditation as a way to deepen the exploration of recovery from addictions.

The leaders represent a wide variety of backgrounds and modalities in this dynamic field. They gather to share their experience, strength, and hope through the journey from addiction to recovery.

Addictive behaviors separate you from yourself, others, your environment, and the Divine. Yoga offers a set of practices that directly address the range of issues caused by the family disease of addiction. Connected to your wholeness, you more readily recognize your addictive behaviors and find the inner strength to move beyond them. Through this retreat experience, you will connect your inner and outer worlds and awaken the joy and peace from within by learning how to bring recovery alive in your practice.

The mornings will begin with an asana and meditation practice embracing such concepts as surrender, letting go, acceptance, and gratitude, and each day different workshops will be offered, allowing you to explore more fully the convergence of the path of yoga and recovery. The evenings will be filled with kirtan, speakers, dancing, and free time to mingle, reflect, soak in the hot springs, rest, rejuvenate, and connect. Through these magical five days, you will celebrate the vision for your life path.

Everyone is welcome—all recovery, all addictions, family members, all seekers, and those who work as healing professionals in the field. There will be something for everyone. Please bring a yoga mat and a meditation cushion if you use one.

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