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Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Strategies for Self-Care With Jill Miller

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Join Jill Miller at Kripalu May 18 – 20!

Put the power of self-massage into your own hands in this workshop that empowers you to personally adopt and also teach simple and effective self-care regimens. The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls have become a mainstay in Yoga classes across the country, used as a warm-up, for day-to-day maintenance, or to help with the prevention of, and recovery from, injuries.

This training equips you to:

- Maintain your body and prevent injuries using self care strategies with the YTU Therapy Balls

- Lead classes through step-by step, proven, whole-body exercises, approved by physical therapists, pain medicine specialists, and chiropractors, that can affect positive changes in the rotator cuff, spine, neck, jaw, hips, IT band, calves, and feet

- Identify bony landmarks, muscular attachments, and fascia geography to enhance your teaching or personal daily practice.

Use this training to learn strategies for your own health and maintenance, or incorporate YTU Therapy Ball sequences into your teaching toolkit by introducing embodied anatomy concepts to your students. Call Kripalu at 866-200-5203 to register.

*And don’t miss Jill’s YTU Level 1 Certification Training in Northern CA

5/31 – 6/3 & 6/8 – 6/10, Los Gatos, CA

The study of Yoga Tune Up® delves you deeply into integrated anatomy and body mechanics while helping you discover a fresh approach to Asana. For info call 408-402-9642 or visit

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