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Yoga Tune Up® Hips & Bliss Immersion With Jill Miller

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The Details

Help your students create and define a “path of purpose” so that you skillfully inspire them to unlock their greatest potential.

This 4 day course empowers both students and professionals from any body-based discipline to adopt a simple and effective self-care regimen. 

Day 1: Yoga TuneUp® Hips

This workshop addresses range of motion and hip awakening from every conceivable angle. Special attention will be devoted to the Iliopsoas. Exercises are derived from hatha yoga, body therapy, and corrective exercise. Students of all skill levels and flexibility/extensibility are welcome to explore their pelvic potential.
Day 2: Yoga Tune Up®: Kneehab

Knee injuries sideline yogis and gym rats alike. The knees often pay a price for poor alignment in both the hips and ankles. This workshop unravels bad habits that lead to knee pain, and offers dozens of YTU exercises that help knees in pain as well as “pre-hab” the knee so that issues are kept at bay.
Day 3: Breathe in…Bliss out

A Workshop in Conscious Relaxation and Yoga Nidra, Loaded with adrenalin and stress, most of us can easily accelerate from 0-60 in a heartbeat. But do you know how to deccelerate from 60-0 effectively without crashing? This workshop breaks down the mechanics of “down-regulation” before your body has a “breakdown.”
Day 4: Yoga Tune Up®: Hip Helpers for Classic Poses

Your hips are a major component of nearly every category of asana, from standing, to sitting, to inversions. Learn how to skillfully connect to your hips, legs, and core as they relate to the most classic poses in all of hatha yoga.

About Jill Miller

Jill Miller is a yoga and fitness therapy expert with more than 25 years of expertise including the moving arts of Yoga, Modern Dance, Pilates, Bodywork and Shiatsu. Her teaching playfully integrates the nuts and bolts of human movement coupled with profound yogic philosophy. Jill teaches her unique style Yoga Tune Up® internationally and has educated and certified dozens of specialized Yoga Tune Up® teachers who help people to live better in their bodies.

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